Monday, May 23

Eye See

If you zoom out far enough out of yourself, or if you zoom out farther into your Self as it were, the Universes read like a story book.

I live a life of one unified movement. Events that are one appear to happen as separate occurrences all over the world, all over the cosmos. But the thread of oneness reveals itself if you know how to read the pages of the cosmic story book. Or rather if you learn how to see more than your eyes show you, if you learn how to read and trust the impressions your inner senses register second after second. An event miles and distances from you can be known without the use of your physical sense instruments.

What these inner sensors are, I don't know - their feeling perceptions, images and knowings, intuition and all that can be called non-local communication downloading into your brain and body to tell you that something has shifted, something has changed, something just moved in a different direction. It translates differently but the feeling and the reality they communicate is proven to be true as you live them out in some later moment. I imagine this is how animals know when the weather is changing or when it's time to migrate in a certain direction. I imagine this is the unseen communication that's there to always guide all the different points of consciousness into knowing what the senses say can't be known...just yet.

I imagine that's what I'm learning now - how to see universally, how to know before knowing, how to perceive beyond the perceptible.

I often wonder if this is how it's always been. If everything about my life has always been a universal occurrence, that a star imploding on itself, a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, and strangers being made to move to the west coast within days of each other only to later become friends, are all the pre-orchestrated gestures of God's hand making themselves known to us. All one movement appearing to be separate events, but zoom out far enough and the unified thread reveals itself to be woven in the details...

This is proving to be harder to describe - what I see and how I see won't fit themselves into these words. I need more words.

One things for sure, I'm always going to be able to know before I know. This I am now sure of.

zoom zoom zoom!

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