Thursday, May 19

Coming into Focus

There are those people in your life whose faces, names, and character is so deeply entwined with your own that you remember everything about them and can recall anything to do with them on a whim. You can go for days and months without talking and still connect like you've been on an ongoing dialogue through lifetimes.

And then there are those who never made an impression at all. Whose faded outlines, forgotten names, and unspecified role but serve as the backdrop to the stunning stars in your world. These are the names that will never come to mind. Faces seen hundreds of times down hallways and in elevators, down the street sides and in the crowd. But they never stood out. They remained part of the blur of the ever moving landscape of your world.

All the worlds a stage filled but with a handful of actors and actresses. Everything else and everyone else, stage props and fillers.

What a dream.

Cherish what's yours. It's yours for a reason.

ex oh ex oh

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