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Why Yes, I'd Love to Dance

Not having a full-time day job these past few months has meant more time to dance around my house while: baking, doing some gardening, cleaning, cooking, playing, and cooking some more. I attempted to read and write while dancing but it doesn't work as well. I've also been doing a lot of daydreaming, which sometimes spookely has turned into catching flying prophetic visions.  It's all good though. I'm supernatural by nature. When I dance, I like to picture the whole entire Universe as my man, I curtsy  and/or dance up and down the air like we're at a nightclub and no one's watching. It's fun. And for some reason gives me energy blasts that shoot up and down my everything. I think the Universe likes my moves. It's either this or I get up in my head and start getting zapped by thought storms about this potential job, and that potential job, and that professor who may have had some work for me but then didn't, and that interview that I went on las

Things I've said in the last hour:

Love is my guru. Love and fun are childhood sweethearts. My heart does cartwheels for you. Waking up from sleep today I felt like someone had taken some spark plugs and zapped my heart a bagillion times. Today my devotion to love, my commitment to be Love's devotee is coming so easily and effortlessly. Life is about loving, staying open, extending, and extending some more. I feel at my best when I'm in that space and when I'm being anything less, the world loses a little bit of its color, a little bit of its glow. I love noticing the difference. It only strengthens my decision to be open that much more. A loving me, a loving world. It's that simple.

Flight of the Firefly

I want to wrap my arms around the whole world, give it a nice squeeze and kiss it on the forehead. The only thing to do, is just love - feel it, think it, flow it, wrap everything that's showing up in your world in it. Just love. We can either focus on the narrative and get lost in the mind maze of thought stuff, or we can just stop, drop into the heart, and flow the light of love. One of the best questions I can ask myself I engaging the mind where I can engage my heart? Am I listening with my mind or my heart? Am I in separation or in connection? I love you. I love you. I love you. That is all of it ~

Eye See

If you zoom out far enough out of yourself, or if you zoom out farther into your Self as it were, the Universes read like a story book. I live a life of one unified movement. Events that are one appear to happen as separate occurrences all over the world, all over the cosmos. But the thread of oneness reveals itself if you know how to read the pages of the cosmic story book. Or rather if you learn how to see more than your eyes show you, if you learn how to read and trust the impressions your inner senses register second after second. An event miles and distances from you can be known without the use of your physical sense instruments. What these inner sensors are, I don't know - their feeling perceptions, images and knowings, intuition and all that can be called non-local communication downloading into your brain and body to tell you that something has shifted, something has changed, something just moved in a different direction. It translates differently but the feeling and t

Coming into Focus

There are those people in your life whose faces, names, and character is so deeply entwined with your own that you remember everything about them and can recall anything to do with them on a whim. You can go for days and months without talking and still connect like you've been on an ongoing dialogue through lifetimes. And then there are those who never made an impression at all. Whose faded outlines, forgotten names, and unspecified role but serve as the backdrop to the stunning stars in your world. These are the names that will never come to mind. Faces seen hundreds of times down hallways and in elevators, down the street sides and in the crowd. But they never stood out. They remained part of the blur of the ever moving landscape of your world. All the worlds a stage filled but with a handful of actors and actresses. Everything else and everyone else, stage props and fillers. What a dream. Cherish what's yours. It's yours for a reason. ex oh ex oh ~k.

All Smiles


Free in Love

Two days ago, I felt sad for no reason. Or at least I thought it was for no reason. I let the experience come and just sat in it. Today I learned that THAT was the day my uncle transitioned. I celebrate his freedom knowing he is living free in love's heart now. Last week I was telling my cousin how I didn't believe in death - how I am certain that nothing ever dies, that it only changes its form. I live this. All I can say and feel is - I celebrate you, I'm grateful for you, thank you for being! I love you uncle! Now, always, and all ways ~

Ed Boyden: A light switch for neurons


Kim Eng

Eckhart Tolle's partner Kim Eng shares some amazing insights on relating!
❝In a malleable world  where everything  from atoms to cells  is changing to match our beliefs,  we're limited only  by the way we think of ourselves  in that world.❞  - Gregg Braden

Love's Perfection

I’ve been in what I can only call an AMAZING flow these past six months. Every morning when I wake up I affirm some version of: love creates this day in its perfection . If there is anything particular on my plate then I include that - I hold myself in the feeling that love is creating whatever it is that's on my plate in its total perfection. And then I let go. Armed with this feeling I walk through my moments seeing and resonating only this feeling. Any mental static, any kind of resistance to love that arises then is dissolved in this recognition of perfection, and I relax back into the feeling of “this too is love, this too is perfect.” My mind is already shaped to hold the recognition of love's presence in all things at the start of my day so it's easy to just release back into that in any moment. The power of this has been in my consistency. The more consistent I am in this practice, having been doing it every day now for half a year, the more I notice that I res

Fringe - Best Show Ever

Parallel Universes, doppelgangers, time travel, telekinesis, teleporting between parallel worlds, alien observers, paradoxes... best show ever


I am so in love with my new home. Trying to describe where I live is a fun task - I really do wish you could just download images straight into people's heads or maybe even call up a holographic image from your brain and project it into the air for them to see. I'm surrounded by The Gorge - a body of water that comes from the ocean and curves around the strip of land that houses my home - an inlet. But words don't do the beauty of it justice. I love the sounds out here, the lightness, the feeling the water, trees, and atmosphere all birth.  Life is OMazing ~

I love...

I love family time, I love family moments, I love family dreaming! I love connecting with friends face to face I love amazing lunches and coffee dates I love heart filling delicious skype conversations I love heart thumping amazing ideas I love the conversations that continue to enter my world I love my big bed I love the cuddle fest that is my dog I love trips to costco I love days that just flow I love writing 3000 words in one sitting I love writing books I love flow and creativity I love the gorgeous sunsets outside my window I love seeing swans in my backyard I love days that start with rain and end with sunshine I love this world I love this life Thank you for the magic all this is!