Sunday, April 3

What Tremendous Beauty!

Life is so full of wonder, so full of an overflow in all things that make you feel like you're the luckiest child in the whole cosmos.

If you take a moment's pause to notice the Grace that is at work in your world, this Grace will make itself intimately known to you in every step, in every gesture, in every movement that is extended to you and expressed through you.

I am in constant awe of how this life assembles itself before me and through me - how connections manifest, how everything is arranged to beyond perfection, how a moments creativity ripples to touch the hearts of a thousand people in just one day, how everything unfolds making known the current of miracles that underly this world we find ourselves in.

In a morning's walk I see a swan, ducks, and a humming bird. I walk through moss covered trees and watch as white clouds and blue sky are reflected upon the water. In the words of some HeartMates, it is PER-FLECTION. I wake and sleep to the beauty of this earth, in sky, in water, in creatures, in heart. Life is so full of beauty.

Let nothing make you think that there is anything other than a boundless limitless beautiful Love here.

Look with your Heart.
See with your mind.
Feel with your whole being.
Be in it.
Be as it.
Take it in.
Breathe it in.

Let nothing make you feel that there is anything other than a boundless limitless endless Love here.

Feel Love.
Thank Love.
Live Love.
Be Love.

Oh My Everything ~

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