Tuesday, April 26

Our Epic Love Story

Right when I'm about to wake up from sleep, I get these vivid visions pop into my consciousness. These are the kind of visions I often 'later' end up living in the waking world. Prophecies of all kinds rest always at the tip of our awareness. And when we relax in consciousness, we let ourselves access moments not yet seen, lifetimes not yet lived. It's all here. Now.

Between the baby boy with us in the pool...
...and the light show between our eyes
I can only be deeply grateful for all the love I'm gifted in this lifetime

This Life is an epic love story. Life itself is the epic love story. I think we forget that the real love affair is with our Self, with what we are. That what's outstretched before us in each and every moment is a never ending blanket of pure love. And when we resonate in that recognition, mystery and secrets dance before our eyes telling stories of the adoration the whole of existence holds us in.

We fall into the illusion that our waking world is where things happen. That our waking world is where real things are. But where real things happen, where things are real, is in our hearts.

The Heart is where life is really lived.

Move yourself on in there - take all your belongings and move into your heart. Your heart is the remedy for all that your mind thinks it sees. Nothing is what you think it is.

It is how well we live the love in our hearts that's echoed in the stories we walk through and crawl through in waking reality. When we awaken to the recognition that everything here right now is brimming and overflowing with love's perfection, when we really open our eyes widely to that, we are but awakening to the treasures in and of our own being.

We are Love. The sooner we acclimate to that realization, the sooner all things born of our misconceptions fall away.

We are Love.

Feel into that. Move into that. Dissolve everything in that.

Thank You
I love You
I Am You

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