Friday, April 29

Those Days

Those days were a gift from the gods.

Those days when we went into our heads and we second guessed every pointer and sign post on our roadway to everywhere.

Those days when we used our words as daggers to keep each other out and at arms length for fear of losing our self.

Those days when we drew from each other and met each other in realms beyond this one - not knowing the how, the why, the who of any of it.

Those days when we layered words upon words and mused at the future that was speaking to us through the leaks in our own resistance.

Those days when we kept choosing fear and insecurity.

We forgot to look at the hazardous waste and toxic warning signs.

But it was worth it.

The shedding, the releasing, the letting go of everything embedded in the matrix of our being that was born of misconceptions, that was born of all the fictitious somethings we believed ourselves to be.

It was worth it to see the emptiness
It was worth it to feel the fullness
It was worth it to see the power of our own spinning
The madness of our own doing
It was worth it.

Even when the light show in our eyes gave it all away, it was worth it to not know it then.

Even when the energy that filled the room, spoke volumes of who we are, it was worth it to be overwhelmed and overtaken by it.

It was worth it, because all of that is what got us here. What got us here in our expanded connectivity, in our inexplicable magnetic symmetry, in our timeless form of the One we have always been.

It was so worth it.
It is all so worth it.
For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.
Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun,
So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.

Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.
He threshes you to make you naked.
He sifts you to free you from your husks.
He grinds you to whiteness.
He kneads you until you are pliant;
And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God's sacred feast.
And yet we've always known it.
And yet we've always been it.
And yet we've always been Here.

Ain't it all just a wonder of wonders ~

Tuesday, April 26

Our Epic Love Story

Right when I'm about to wake up from sleep, I get these vivid visions pop into my consciousness. These are the kind of visions I often 'later' end up living in the waking world. Prophecies of all kinds rest always at the tip of our awareness. And when we relax in consciousness, we let ourselves access moments not yet seen, lifetimes not yet lived. It's all here. Now.

Between the baby boy with us in the pool...
...and the light show between our eyes
I can only be deeply grateful for all the love I'm gifted in this lifetime

This Life is an epic love story. Life itself is the epic love story. I think we forget that the real love affair is with our Self, with what we are. That what's outstretched before us in each and every moment is a never ending blanket of pure love. And when we resonate in that recognition, mystery and secrets dance before our eyes telling stories of the adoration the whole of existence holds us in.

We fall into the illusion that our waking world is where things happen. That our waking world is where real things are. But where real things happen, where things are real, is in our hearts.

The Heart is where life is really lived.

Move yourself on in there - take all your belongings and move into your heart. Your heart is the remedy for all that your mind thinks it sees. Nothing is what you think it is.

It is how well we live the love in our hearts that's echoed in the stories we walk through and crawl through in waking reality. When we awaken to the recognition that everything here right now is brimming and overflowing with love's perfection, when we really open our eyes widely to that, we are but awakening to the treasures in and of our own being.

We are Love. The sooner we acclimate to that realization, the sooner all things born of our misconceptions fall away.

We are Love.

Feel into that. Move into that. Dissolve everything in that.

Thank You
I love You
I Am You

Monday, April 25

Jacque Fresco

I'm envisioning a world in which more and more brilliant minds like Jacque Fresco are thinking outside the box and birthing ideas outside of traditional world structures.

Beyond squares and boxes
Into triangles, circles, domes, and spheres

Monday, April 18

Go Gratitude!

Gratitude oils my bones!

I don't know what that means...

I'm grateful for my home
I'm grateful for my view
I'm grateful for the most amazing family ever
I'm grateful for my connections
I'm grateful for my knowings
I'm grateful for my intuition
I'm grateful for amazing friendships
I'm grateful for baked seaweed
I'm grateful for my doggie
I'm grateful for skype
I'm grateful for my radio show and the hearts inspired by it
I'm grateful for my clients
I'm grateful for my amazing support network
I'm grateful for the amazing magick that lines and fills my moments
I'm grateful for the way EVERYTHING unfolds
I'm grateful for what pulls and calls to me
I'm grateful for what inspires me
I'm grateful for Love's revealing
I'm grateful for where I am
I'm grateful for who I am
I'm grateful for who's with me
I'm grateful for this moment
I'm grateful for this earth and all that she contains

I am grateful for SO MUCH

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Gorgeous Life ~

Saturday, April 16

Golden score at the new & used bookstore.
Life is so elegant! 

Friday, April 15

let go of the known
and drop into a deep intimacy
with the unknowable.
concepts but dull
the beauty of *this*

Sunday, April 10

Seeing Eye

The landscape of my waking world is a funny one - signs appear, markers marking the shifts and curves of the road I'm traveling on.

Some say this life is a dream. Some say that life is an illusion. Some say this is all there is so you best make the best of it.

What I see is a mixture of all three. And more. The dream shows itself as patterns dance together to tell a story, starring you. Your dream, your stage. Its illusory nature is evident as all events but come and go like clouds who can't hold their form. You can't grasp at anything here, not even your self. And that this is all there is to it becomes the fun, the clay you put your hands into to mold the form into patterns and playthings you think you know.

In the end I don't actually know.

But I see the markers marking the shifts and curves of the road I'm traveling on.

Hello ~

Saturday, April 9

Laughter of the Sun Goddess

Touching the Sun
High up in Space
I laugh
Higher than ever
Ever brightly Being
Who I was designed to Be
Strutting across the skyline
Like a phoenix in rebirth
Soaring to new heavens
I am being me
There is no stopping
The dreams I am dreaming
There is no holding back
The light in me I'm freeing
Stand and breathe me in
I'm all you're ever seeing
I'm all you're ever being

Sunday, April 3

What Tremendous Beauty!

Life is so full of wonder, so full of an overflow in all things that make you feel like you're the luckiest child in the whole cosmos.

If you take a moment's pause to notice the Grace that is at work in your world, this Grace will make itself intimately known to you in every step, in every gesture, in every movement that is extended to you and expressed through you.

I am in constant awe of how this life assembles itself before me and through me - how connections manifest, how everything is arranged to beyond perfection, how a moments creativity ripples to touch the hearts of a thousand people in just one day, how everything unfolds making known the current of miracles that underly this world we find ourselves in.

In a morning's walk I see a swan, ducks, and a humming bird. I walk through moss covered trees and watch as white clouds and blue sky are reflected upon the water. In the words of some HeartMates, it is PER-FLECTION. I wake and sleep to the beauty of this earth, in sky, in water, in creatures, in heart. Life is so full of beauty.

Let nothing make you think that there is anything other than a boundless limitless beautiful Love here.

Look with your Heart.
See with your mind.
Feel with your whole being.
Be in it.
Be as it.
Take it in.
Breathe it in.

Let nothing make you feel that there is anything other than a boundless limitless endless Love here.

Feel Love.
Thank Love.
Live Love.
Be Love.

Oh My Everything ~

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