Thursday, March 3

Unofficial Tech Support

I don't know when it happened or how but everywhere I go these past few years, I end up in some version of office, in-house, unofficial tech support. So I thought I'd adopt that title. With the learn-as-you-go computer knowledge I've accumulated and google at my side, I've been able to 'trouble-shoot' computer glitches I don't know everything to know about. It's pretty cool - dead printers have even started working after I poked around with them. I think it's a combination of my interest in gadgets and the energetically activated magickal wand that are my hands.

Anyway I was just admiring my love for open source and free software that gives you the same (if not better)  functionality, and thought - hey let's share my favorites! I've tried lots of them and continue to discover new one's that I test for my own use. So here's my list:

Open Office

Note taking or organizing
iDailyDiary free version

Image Manipulation/Play


AntiVirus/Spware Protection

Lightning add-on

I've also used PSPP as an alternate to SPSS (statistics) and well, it's not quite there yet but it's a starter for anyone who doesn't have a large database to work with.

There are tons of alternates and programs out there. These are the one's that have worked for me and continue to work for me!

peace & gadgets!

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