Wednesday, March 2

Road Trips And Other Great Leaps

 Island driving is unlike anything else. Back east going on a road-trip usually involved a last minute decision with a crazy friend or two to go surprise our other crazy friends 400km away. We'd take off at 7pm, drive 120km/hr or faster and arrive in three hours to pull the best surprise to date. It was about fun, it was about adventure, it was about good times.

Here driving is an entirely different experience. I drove down to Victoria, my soon to be home, for the day earlier this week for an appointment. First of all, it was my first solo-road trip ever. Big win! It's the little things that really make you feel like you've accomplished some great feat. It was amazing - to drive alone, to turn the music on when I wanted, to shut it all down when I got to ocean view or entered an all mountain panoramic view zone. It's beautiful out here - which is why I'm making it my permanent home.

At one point, you drive over the Malahat mountain - it's a good 15min or so of curvy angled roads with giant gaping mountain sides and unpredictable weather that turns from sun, to snow, to rain all within a two or three minute distance - drive a little and it's sunny, breath taking and gorgeous, drive a little more and you get splashes of wet snow hitting your windshield fast, drive a little bit more and you're back to sun, and a little bit more and it's wet rain. All the while you remain surrounded by ancient tall trees and sky rocketing rocks on either sides of you.

It's beautiful, amazing, a little scary at least for a first time drive - it's beauty and adventure all wrapped into one! It makes me want to invest in a nice SLR so I can get creative with capturing all the beauty out here.

I'm staying. Did I say that already?

I'm in that phase in between phases now. Internally getting ready to move, freaking out a little at the list of things to do before moving (finding an apartment, packing, finding movers, finding kick ass employment, creating community), and making my mantra be LIVE FEARLESSLY.

It's funny how effortless it felt to pick up and move almost 5000 km, and how a move 100km away feels like a leap. When it feels like a leap is when you know you've spread your wings out a little more!

Here. We. Go.

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