Saturday, March 26

Love: An Ocean of Freedom

You can spot the insecure ego movement from miles away.
We hold onto, we hang tightly and cling to things not out of love....but out of insecurity.
Out of the belief that they are not really ours...
Out of the belief that we can't really have them...
Out of the belief that they're too good to be true, too good to be ours...
Insecurity holds on, hangs on, clasps and grasps and clings.
Insecurity creates stories around how tough it is to love, when the story is really about how tough and unnatural it is to cling and hold on and fight to keep something in one's possession.

Love is not possessiveness and grasping and clinging and draping all over something as though to declare and exclaim and announce THIS IS MINE.

That isn't love
Love is an ocean of freedom.
Love sets its parts free over and over again knowing that it is within it that they have their being.
Love is what sets you free to fly over and over again without a thought as to whether or not you will return.
You wouldn't know that something 'belonged' to love because love neither announces or flaunts or points to any of the thousand things that naturally and freely flow within it.
Love is open and spacious.
It is freedom and expansiveness.
Love is a constant and deep let go...
Of all objects and appearances, all stories, all needs, all tendencies.
Love is that which lets ego carry on and on and on...
In its plight to find security...
On the ever shifting grounds of waking reality.

You will always know what it is you are looking at ~

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