Tuesday, March 29

Robert Williams Amazing Interview

‎"The mind is a record of information, a storehouse of impressions. Emotions are records of impressions, storehouses of information. But the Heart can speak to the new creation, the newness the mind has not experienced yet. It has to be through the Heart that we experience a new reality." - Robert Williams

So much great wisdom and amazing pointers in this interview! Ah I love THESE TIMES!!!

Sunday, March 27

From Universe to Multiverse

from the earth is flat
to the earth is round
to the earth is the center,
to the sun is the center,
to the earth revolves around the sun,
to the earth doesn't revolve around the sun but is being dragged by it in a spiral fashion,
to there is one universe,
to its a multiverse

this is a fun reality! What's next???

Saturday, March 26

Love: An Ocean of Freedom

You can spot the insecure ego movement from miles away.
We hold onto, we hang tightly and cling to things not out of love....but out of insecurity.
Out of the belief that they are not really ours...
Out of the belief that we can't really have them...
Out of the belief that they're too good to be true, too good to be ours...
Insecurity holds on, hangs on, clasps and grasps and clings.
Insecurity creates stories around how tough it is to love, when the story is really about how tough and unnatural it is to cling and hold on and fight to keep something in one's possession.

Love is not possessiveness and grasping and clinging and draping all over something as though to declare and exclaim and announce THIS IS MINE.

That isn't love
Love is an ocean of freedom.
Love sets its parts free over and over again knowing that it is within it that they have their being.
Love is what sets you free to fly over and over again without a thought as to whether or not you will return.
You wouldn't know that something 'belonged' to love because love neither announces or flaunts or points to any of the thousand things that naturally and freely flow within it.
Love is open and spacious.
It is freedom and expansiveness.
Love is a constant and deep let go...
Of all objects and appearances, all stories, all needs, all tendencies.
Love is that which lets ego carry on and on and on...
In its plight to find security...
On the ever shifting grounds of waking reality.

You will always know what it is you are looking at ~

Friday, March 25


Amazing scenery
Amazing amazing people helping with my move
...(human beings are pure angels in disguise!)
...An eagle in the trees
...So many swans on the water
Amazing lunches in new places
Amazing family connections
Amazing pages written for new books
Amazing clients from all over the world
Amazing emails that fill my heart to no end
Amazing demonstrations of pure authentic love
Amazing characters filling up my moments
Amazing sharing of my articles worldwide
Amazing notes of love and appreciation
Amazing flow of all things good
Amazing river of abundance all around
Amazing fun cash flow
Amazing new gifts in the mail
Amazing new treasures for my hands, ears, and neck
Amazing conversations on my radio show
Amazing everything!
Amazing life!

These are the moments that are writing my life right now.
And this is just the beginning...

Sunday, March 13

We Are Who We Choose

There comes a point where it just makes way more sense to align yourself with those who call to the greatness within you. And it shows when you're doing that. When you're aligning yourself with those who call to your highest potential, to all that you are capable of being, that draw, that silent invitation they constantly flow your way, shows up in every area of your life - your being, your speech, your creative expressions, your work, your sense of self, and the overall way in which your entire world responds to you.

More and more that is who and what I surround myself with. It makes no sense to align with relationships and connections that make you less than you are, that pull you into being and behaving in ways that are no longer a reflection of who you know yourself to be. The amazing thing about this playground is you get to decide every step of the way. Every step of the way you get to sift through the endless possibilities to choose and bring into being the options that best reflect who we want to be in the world, in our world and in the connections we have within it.

I once wrote in another post that the greatest thing I can do for a man in my life is call him toward his own soul. Call him toward his own greatness. Call him toward his own highest self. And really THAT is the greatest thing we can do for anyone and with anyone - hold the space for others to make the choices that reveal to them the greatness of their own being. Be the question in their lives that asks them in a loving and nurturing way: who do you want to be in the world, in your world?

Every action, every choice calls us into a version of ourselves. Every call and every invitation to be from others does the same - it calls us into a version of ourselves. I feel it - I feel that true support, true togetherness on any level, true love, is the one that says: "be the you that you really know yourself to be. Be that greatness. Be all of your Self. Be that remarkableness. And I'll be here holding space for it."

If we are shrinking away from those connections that challenge us to stretch who we are, to expand into who we are capable of being, that call us into more-ness, it is only because we fear the brightness of our own light. If we are keeping ourselves in connections that obviously don't hold the space we need to be our highest version of ourselves, it is only because we fear the brightness of our own light. It is either fear or love that is driving our every choice. You fear yourself enough to not be all of your Self. Or you love yourself enough to be all of your Self. Either way, it's a choice - and you'll know the choice you're making just by looking around.

We are who we choose to be!


Friday, March 11

Found Me A Home

I love the way things work out. Within seconds of deciding that I wanted to live in a house setting more so than an apartment, an amazing friend sent me a note (without seeing or hearing of my decision). She knew someone 10min from downtown Victoria who had space in a house. Went to see it and meet her and it's the perfect situation and location for getting me down there.


I love the way life delivers and makes the whole journey easy and effortless.

Generosity and ease is life's whole game!

Thursday, March 3

Unofficial Tech Support

I don't know when it happened or how but everywhere I go these past few years, I end up in some version of office, in-house, unofficial tech support. So I thought I'd adopt that title. With the learn-as-you-go computer knowledge I've accumulated and google at my side, I've been able to 'trouble-shoot' computer glitches I don't know everything to know about. It's pretty cool - dead printers have even started working after I poked around with them. I think it's a combination of my interest in gadgets and the energetically activated magickal wand that are my hands.

Anyway I was just admiring my love for open source and free software that gives you the same (if not better)  functionality, and thought - hey let's share my favorites! I've tried lots of them and continue to discover new one's that I test for my own use. So here's my list:

Open Office

Note taking or organizing
iDailyDiary free version

Image Manipulation/Play


AntiVirus/Spware Protection

Lightning add-on

I've also used PSPP as an alternate to SPSS (statistics) and well, it's not quite there yet but it's a starter for anyone who doesn't have a large database to work with.

There are tons of alternates and programs out there. These are the one's that have worked for me and continue to work for me!

peace & gadgets!

Wednesday, March 2

Road Trips And Other Great Leaps

 Island driving is unlike anything else. Back east going on a road-trip usually involved a last minute decision with a crazy friend or two to go surprise our other crazy friends 400km away. We'd take off at 7pm, drive 120km/hr or faster and arrive in three hours to pull the best surprise to date. It was about fun, it was about adventure, it was about good times.

Here driving is an entirely different experience. I drove down to Victoria, my soon to be home, for the day earlier this week for an appointment. First of all, it was my first solo-road trip ever. Big win! It's the little things that really make you feel like you've accomplished some great feat. It was amazing - to drive alone, to turn the music on when I wanted, to shut it all down when I got to ocean view or entered an all mountain panoramic view zone. It's beautiful out here - which is why I'm making it my permanent home.

At one point, you drive over the Malahat mountain - it's a good 15min or so of curvy angled roads with giant gaping mountain sides and unpredictable weather that turns from sun, to snow, to rain all within a two or three minute distance - drive a little and it's sunny, breath taking and gorgeous, drive a little more and you get splashes of wet snow hitting your windshield fast, drive a little bit more and you're back to sun, and a little bit more and it's wet rain. All the while you remain surrounded by ancient tall trees and sky rocketing rocks on either sides of you.

It's beautiful, amazing, a little scary at least for a first time drive - it's beauty and adventure all wrapped into one! It makes me want to invest in a nice SLR so I can get creative with capturing all the beauty out here.

I'm staying. Did I say that already?

I'm in that phase in between phases now. Internally getting ready to move, freaking out a little at the list of things to do before moving (finding an apartment, packing, finding movers, finding kick ass employment, creating community), and making my mantra be LIVE FEARLESSLY.

It's funny how effortless it felt to pick up and move almost 5000 km, and how a move 100km away feels like a leap. When it feels like a leap is when you know you've spread your wings out a little more!

Here. We. Go.

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