Thursday, February 24

Welcome to My Office

When I came home from work the other day I felt like I entered a completely different atmosphere as I stepped through my front door. A lot goes on in my home. I play soothing melodies constantly - when I leave my house I usually have some meditation or relaxation music keeping my dog company. I constantly infuse my home with soothing aromas of jasmine and sandlewood and lavender. I meditate, do yoga in different rooms, and have my sessions with clients. So the energy of my home is noticeably expansive and clear. I feel it most after a busy day - the moment I walk through my doors I feel like pounds and pounds of weight just fall off me. Like there's a screen that I walk through that just peels all that stuff off of me and leaves it outside my door. My home is my home, my oasis, my ashram, my office, my playhouse - it's everything. And I love it!

I notice the spaciousness even more when I'm doing sessions with clients. Most of my sessions are done via skype or through email right now. The view from my desk coupled with the sound coming from the constant flow of the river behind my place adds to the serene and open energy that just emerges in my sessions. It's palpable and everything around me simply supports it and enhances it. When I have had in person visits elsewhere, the energy is that much more alive so I got to thinking today what it would be like if I had myself a little ocean front office somewhere. I keep meeting people who want to or at someone point wanted to have a center of some sort, a holistic center that's near water and surrounded by nature. Anywhere out here can be that space. And what I notice from my own environment right now is that the space we create and the space that we allow to support us makes a difference.

I'd feng shui my office space, put all sorts of soothing natural objects like wood and rocks and bamboo in it. I'd get a massage table so my clients can lay down while we do energy adjustments. And I'd let the sound of the ocean and the view and the energy do what they do naturally - anchor, enhance, and radiate this living force that is the true magician of our world. I'd infuse it with all the love and magick in all the universes and I'd let it form itself into the portal of transformation, ease, flow, and connection that would best serve all the layers of my clients being-ness. It'd be that and yet so much more than I can think and conceive of right now.

It's going to be amazing!

Welcome to My Office

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Penelope said...

Mmmm - your office is delicious and amaZing. As are you. : )

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