Tuesday, February 1

Matrix Energetics At Play

No matter how many other models of transformation I dabble in and try out, Matrix Energetics (ME) is still by far the most playful and open.

I played with a group of new friends in my island wide community over the weekend and one of the women reflected to me what I already knew. That this model is a PERFECT fit for me, for my outlook, for how I see, for how I like to play. The language, the openness, the platform of play comes so easily to me. I don't know why. And the why doesn't matter. What matters is how it feels the moment I step into the awareness ME makes available to me. Gratitude doesn't even begin to express how I feel for how practical this model has made all the insights and realizations that have dawned within me over the past ten years. And the very noticeable shifts that show up? Life reaffirming just how malleable this playhouse we call our world really is.

Thank You More Please!

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