Friday, February 18

I Love Miracles


In a fast moving world like ours today it can be easy to overlook the endless and amazing miracles popping up all around us. With a simple click of a button or a few keystrokes, I can catch up on the going ons of beautiful friends all around the world. My world is global - what once was a circle of five or six close friends, now is vast sea of global connectivity bringing along with it that much more information.

I don't know about anyone else, but for me noticing miracles and seeing these amazing cosmic conspiracies that show up as unimaginable coincidences and moments too surreal to be seen as anything other than extraordinary, started out as a conscious practice. I'd ask myself: what miracles can I awaken to right now? And there they would be. Things and moments my mind had overlooked would suddenly become highlighted in my awareness. They'd just pop out at me and I'd marvel.

Our mind does this thing where whatever it doesn't understand, it'll push out onto the peripheral, and whatever shows up in the fashion that miracles do, it categorizes as "weird" or "coincidence" or "chance" or what have you.

From my life: It's a miracle when the guy you have a crush on shows up at the same spot that you're at with your longtime friends. Of all the places he could have been at in a city of 800,000 people, he was at the same place at the same time you were there. That is a miracle. It's a miracle that funding suddenly comes through for a job you just learned about and applied to and got over night. It's a miracle that an item you had a dream about showed up in your waking world. It's a miracle that your consciousness moves as it does! It's a miracle that a purple car you doodled rolled onto your driveway. It's a miracle that a friend brings over the exact thing you had been wanting to have. IT'S A MIRACLE!

I have these amazing moments of synchronicity and wild meetings all the time, and the moment I register them and notice them as miracles, I'm suddenly awake to the amazing platform of creativity and inexplicable wonder this world is. A book I just learned about suddenly pops up in my view, a new model of experience I'm curious about suddenly has a presentation up the street from me, the flour I bake with suddenly appears at a store closer to me that I no longer have to commute across town - it happens all the time. Miracles. This amazing life working behind the scenes to sooth every slight crinkle of desire and wonder in my being.

Miracles are the norm. And the more you awaken to them right now, the more you will feel the love that is here in this network of grace and wonder for you. Just for you. Not because you asked or pleaded for it, but because you're here and you exist.

Life adores YOU ~

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