Wednesday, February 23

I Let Go

Any time I hear someone talk about what's not working, what's broken, what's going wrong, what's being done wrong, my impulse is to say STOP. WAIT. Freeze Frame (a la star trek holodek programs)...

What do you want to see happen?
What vision do you want to empower?

The practice is to immediately move yourself into asking for what you want instead of resisting and reacting to what you don't want.

Well what would it look like if...
Well what would it feel like if...

It's the difference between useful and not-so-useful (not at all useful) states of mind. I get it that we've habituated a way of relating and conversing and reporting around "what's wrong with the world" and "what's going wrong with the world" but no matter how loudly you shout at or against perceived problems, they will stay the way they are and even grow bigger and more scarier than they started out as. Resistance is like a growth hormone to whatever pattern is being resisted.

So someone comes and they start telling me about how that thing isn't working, and why, and how horrible it is and I let go. I go against that impulse to say STOP WAIT freeze frame, and I let go. I let go of all these protests to their expressions. Even though I know the power of shifting, even though I know how un-resourceful and dis-empowering it is to stay in that state of complaining and resisting, I let go. Even though I live daily the power of looking and moving in the direction I want to go in, in thought, feeling, words, and action - rather than continuing to stare at and shout against a direction I have no interest in going in, I choose to let go. And I say, you know, this is okay. Not everybody in the world needs to be a master shifter, a master releaser, or anything else for that matter. They just get to be who they're choosing to be. And that's awesome.

What a practice!

Unconditionality - letting go of the need and desire for anyone to be other than they are. Letting the complainer be a complainer. Letting the pessimist remain a pessimist. Just leaving everyone alone to their chosen expressions of self. I tell you, it's a practice. A reminder to myself that I don't have it figured out for everyone else. I have it figured out for me. That's it. And those that want my wait-stop-freeze-frame, will ask for it. Otherwise, my practice is to just let everyone BE.

Resisting resistance never gets anyone anywhere...useful.

Everyday I grow!



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~Justice INSights~ said...

It seems to go against everything that we have been trained to do and that's why it works.

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