Thursday, February 3

Center for Consciousness Studies

My ideal job is winking at me. 

I love doing research, the process from beginning to end. What some people find meticulous, I find engaging. The whole thing, from the point of asking the question to finding out if anyone else out there in the world of academia has asked it, to going out into the (global) community and collecting data from hundreds if not thousands of people. I love finding patterns and noticing the relationships inescapable in our world. I loved the process so much that I did it for 6 years - it was my job. They paid me.  Working at the University and at the hospital, asking questions. Why do mood disorders arise? What makes substance use related to bipolar disorder? Why? When? Who?

I was born to ask questions, to find evidence, and to create practical uses for the information and patterns revealed. Then enter the phase of Kidest in QuantumLand. I took a year off from the world. It was a trip. I learned. I traveled. I leaped. I clawed out my concepts and identities. I left my job. The frames rolled on and my questions changed. Or at least I noticed that I had always been interested in a different line of questioning. At the root of my curiosity was a deeper calling.

Let's track back to why I got into psychology to begin with, why I spent over four years and then some learning about personalities, swallowing theory after theory, and discussing case after case of diagnostic summaries. Curiosity. After the patterns we know as depression and schizophrenia entered my reality bubble, watching loved ones completely change before me as these patterns became identities, I asked - why is it that they are experiencing life as they are and I'm not? Why am I unaffected by the  life events that are affecting them?

Though I thought my questions were about patterns, my questions actually went deeper. The deeper you go into your own being, the more you see and access other dimensions of the same question. It was noticing these patterns that actually fueled my own explorations beyond my studies in psychology. It was then that a deeper world made itself known, the world prior to definitions, labels, and even the seeming continuous identity that experiences the waking world. 

And then what?

I came back to the world of work. Yet the world of work showed up in a different way. My last two jobs have been kind of "off" topic in so many ways. One was about research in sustainability, and the other one right now is on seniors and new mothers. Of the dozens of jobs I sent my amazing resume to, these were the one's that wanted to play. They were nothing I'd looked at before, and they were/are both short-term and temporary. So I started looking for "sustainable" work in another city. I looked and I looked and little bubbles of possibilities would appear and then POOF they'd disappear. Finally I let go. I said, I don't know what's going to happen when this current contract ends, and I'm okay with that.

And then what?

I discovered the city that I'm in is working to open a Center for Consciousness Studies. WHAT??! Right here?!?!?! THAT would be my IDEAL work place. To get to do what I love - which is research - on a topic that I live and breathe day in and day out. The University of Arizona has a Center. And there's also the Institute of Noetic Science in California. I knew there were a few all over the US. That a center/institute would open up in the very city that I'm in right now? Nope, did not expect or dream of that.

I wrote to a few of the individuals expressing my interest when the center opens. I don't know when it's going to open or how far along they are in the process - but here's to all of it coming together in the next month! The whole idea THRILLS me to no end. I didn't know what my dream work was until the possibility of this showed up! Doing research, publishing, presenting at conferences, and adding to the growing evidence of how Consciousness is really the ultimate beginning and basis for every aspect of our reality. YES!!!

The Universe so absolutely dreams a bigger dream for you.

Who knows what's next? And how much cooler and better is it going to get?

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