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Welcome to My Office

When I came home from work the other day I felt like I entered a completely different atmosphere as I stepped through my front door. A lot goes on in my home. I play soothing melodies constantly - when I leave my house I usually have some meditation or relaxation music keeping my dog company. I constantly infuse my home with soothing aromas of jasmine and sandlewood and lavender. I meditate, do yoga in different rooms, and have my sessions with clients. So the energy of my home is noticeably expansive and clear. I feel it most after a busy day - the moment I walk through my doors I feel like pounds and pounds of weight just fall off me. Like there's a screen that I walk through that just peels all that stuff off of me and leaves it outside my door. My home is my home, my oasis, my ashram, my office, my playhouse - it's everything. And I love it! I notice the spaciousness even more when I'm doing sessions with clients. Most of my sessions are done via skype or through emai

I Let Go

Any time I hear someone talk about what's not working, what's broken, what's going wrong, what's being done wrong, my impulse is to say STOP. WAIT. Freeze Frame (a la star trek holodek programs)... What do you want to see happen? What vision do you want to empower? The practice is to immediately move yourself into asking for what you want instead of resisting and reacting to what you don't want. Well what would it look like if... Well what would it feel like if... It's the difference between useful and not-so-useful (not at all useful) states of mind. I get it that we've habituated a way of relating and conversing and reporting around "what's wrong with the world" and "what's going wrong with the world" but no matter how loudly you shout at or against perceived problems, they will stay the way they are and even grow bigger and more scarier than they started out as. Resistance is like a growth hormone to whatever pattern

I Love Miracles

M * I * R * A * C * L * E * S In a fast moving world like ours today it can be easy to overlook the endless and amazing miracles popping up all around us. With a simple click of a button or a few keystrokes, I can catch up on the going ons of beautiful friends all around the world. My world is global - what once was a circle of five or six close friends, now is vast sea of global connectivity bringing along with it that much more information. I don't know about anyone else, but for me noticing miracles and seeing these amazing cosmic conspiracies that show up as unimaginable coincidences and moments too surreal to be seen as anything other than extraordinary, started out as a conscious practice. I'd ask myself: what miracles can I awaken to right now ? And there they would be. Things and moments my mind had overlooked would suddenly become highlighted in my awareness. They'd just pop out at me and I'd marvel. Our mind does this thing where whatever it doesn't u

Current Diary of Pipi Longstockings

I'm sitting down to do a proper entry while munching on bean sprouts dipped in hoi-sin and chili sauce. I used to write blogs like they were my personal journal entries complete with pictures and creative expressive adventures. For some reason that stopped. I don't know why. I don't know why anything is why. That sentence is meant to be like that. The space in my head gets down to a funky language rhythm these days, confusing the matter so that throughout everything it's evident that words only take us so far. Anyway. I promised myself this wasn't going to be a heady-head entry. And so it's not! I see the word snot in it's not. So here I am - actually talking to this box like I used to. Just letting it all flow out. Asking myself, what do I want to talk about? And I have something! This past week, I've been feeling like myself to a whole new degree. I've been doing presentations around the community for work and wholly mother of carelessness. N

Center for Consciousness Studies

My ideal job is winking at me.  I love doing research, the process from beginning to end. What some people find meticulous, I find engaging. The whole thing, from the point of asking the question to finding out if anyone else out there in the world of academia has asked it, to going out into the (global) community and collecting data from hundreds if not thousands of people. I love finding patterns and noticing the relationships inescapable in our world. I loved the process so much that I did it for 6 years - it was my job. They paid me.  Working at the University and at the hospital, asking questions. Why do mood disorders arise? What makes substance use related to bipolar disorder? Why? When? Who? I was born to ask questions, to find evidence, and to create practical uses for the information and patterns revealed. Then enter the phase of Kidest in QuantumLand . I took a year off from the world. It was a trip. I learned. I traveled. I leaped. I clawed out my concepts and identitie

Matrix Energetics At Play

No matter how many other models of transformation I dabble in and try out, Matrix Energetics (ME) is still by far the most playful and open. I played with a group of new friends in my island wide community over the weekend and one of the women reflected to me what I already knew. That this model is a PERFECT fit for me, for my outlook, for how I see, for how I like to play. The language, the openness, the platform of play comes so easily to me. I don't know why. And the why doesn't matter. What matters is how it feels the moment I step into the awareness ME makes available to me. Gratitude doesn't even begin to express how I feel for how practical this model has made all the insights and realizations that have dawned within me over the past ten years. And the very noticeable shifts that show up? Life reaffirming just how malleable this playhouse we call our world really is. Thank You More Please!