Monday, January 24

When I Just Be

When I just BE, the world unfolds in awe evoking ways all around me.

Truth: to the Still mind, the whole Universe surrenders (Lao Tzu)

Now when I try to DO, when I step into that do-do of effort and striving born of mental knowing, it feels like I’m bouncing my own head against cement and brick.

Not fun.

Here's a new axiom: I think I know, therefore I strive. 

In the energy of pure Being, the whole Universe moves to accomplish whatever it is that you have intended, and so much more.

In the energy of pure Being, you are a pure intention of the Whole and you have surrendered yourself into that Wholeness. There is no longer a separate ‘you’ trying efforting to get things done. You are a unified movement, the dance of Oneness in the pretense of multiplicity. And it's in your ability to be the door to this, rather than the doer of this, that you experience the unicity of pure Being.

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B said...

Thank you for this.

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