Friday, January 7

The Revolution into Love

It's happening.

It's everywhere.

Everywhere I look, everyone I meet, every being drawn to me and every being I am drawn to is taking it on. The embodiment of Being That which we really are. Love. It's thousands of years in the making.

And Here We Are en mass lighting and igniting ourselves into the fire of Love. Fireworks of human hearts waking into realization!

It's seeping into my dreams - this movement and the energy behind it is UNSTOPPABLE.

Enter dream sequence 1:
I'm standing on stage. My hair's out to space like chaka khan's, and the audience is revved up ready to launch into a whole new sphere of being. I can see my own energy field and it's huge. And I'm saying something like "the revolution into love will be televised." [haha...yeah] I'm not just saying it. I'm shouting it from the top of my lungs and everyone in the audience along with me. Then I see what I gather is a newsreel of people, all over the world, showing their devotion to BEING this energy, this Love, this togetherness.

Rad right? And that's not just it. It's the energy of the dream. I felt so high when I woke up that tears couldn't help but flow out of me in awe.  THIS is where we are. Choosing what we can embody. Stepping out of the everyday collection of judgments, labels, conditions, criticisms, the endless mental narrative, and stepping into embracing it ALL. Listening to our own inner stories with love, releasing them into love, and showing up in the world as Love. It's not work. It's BEING what we are capable of being. I am so inspired by life.

"Love in its essence is spiritual fire."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Feel it. Live it. Be consumed by it.

Breathe in Life.
Breathe out the fire of Love.

It is what transforms everything in this world.


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jouettelove said...

i love you, dragon breath!

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