Wednesday, January 12

The Heart Diamond

What I love is the quests that come to me as I observe and ponder my world. In my ever growing circle of connections I again and again meet beautiful beings who love stones and crystals and trinkets and endow them with special meaning and power. For some reason I'm not drawn to items like that in the same way. For me it's not the gemstones, the crystlas, the rings or necklaces, or the trinkets that affect your mood or health or well-being or abundance or anything else. I prefer to be completely IN-powered, forever affirming the center of power inside myself as the sole cause of what I experience. I am about the consciousness that you are. I love admiring all the amazing jewelry and creative expression in this world but I would no more hand over my power to feel open and expansive to a gem in my hand than I would to a wild bunny hopping across the forest.

The gems, the stones, the toys are all fun, amazing, beautiful to play with and decorate ourselves with, but ultimately for me, it's about me. Take mala-beads for instance – it’s not really the beads that have the power but the energy you charge them with through your mantra’s, your repetitions, your practice and effort. For me, it’s the same with any other stone or gem – they can serve to enhance, store, hold the charge of your intentions. You can infuse and encode them with all sorts of higher energies. Kind of like the mass-storage sticks of a computer - I see the stones, the gems, the crystals of this world serving in that same way.  But ultimately it’s you who brings, anchors, and awakens to that power they symbolize or represent. It's you who activates, downloads, and uses the data stored or recorded on them. It all comes back to you.

I hold my own heart-mind as the center and power of transformation, healing, and whatever else. It's about the diamond, the indescribable unique center of power within my own Heart - it's to that I give all power to.

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