Wednesday, January 5

Drink From This Cup

I’ve been going through some sort of internal growth spurt. I know this because I wake up in the middle of the night feeling energetically bigger. Everything around me in those moments has a DEEP quietness to it and my seeing itself is different. Last night was more. I was in that state between dreaming and waking up. A white Japanese-like tea cup appeared right at my mouth filled with something that had a lot of vapor. It had some sort of ancient writing around it in gold. And something said “just take it in” so I sucked in all the vapor and felt this coolness enter my mouth. Something else showed up and it felt significant – I don’t remember it right now. When my eyes opened I felt it, a change, a difference, a noticeable expansion.

Do I know what this means?

No, I never know. To think we know is to live within the limits of our past. It’s just always intriguing to see it reflected in my waking playground. I've had enough prophetic dreams in this state that "later" came to pass in my waking reality. It amazes me, this experience of dreaming and living, and how we have the capacity to always access frames of what we think is our future.

It's all Here Now. All of it. No then and now. Just Now.

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