Wednesday, January 26

It's A Dog Thing

I had always assumed that humping for dogs was just a male dog thing. Apparently not. Female dogs as I laughingly discovered hump to claim dominance. It's really funny to turn around and see my dog "claiming dominance" over a blanket or cushion. She only does this with inanimate cushion-y things. It's so funny!

What a joy this world is, in all its funny weird indescribable beautiful craziness.

Monday, January 24

When I Just Be

When I just BE, the world unfolds in awe evoking ways all around me.

Truth: to the Still mind, the whole Universe surrenders (Lao Tzu)

Now when I try to DO, when I step into that do-do of effort and striving born of mental knowing, it feels like I’m bouncing my own head against cement and brick.

Not fun.

Here's a new axiom: I think I know, therefore I strive. 

In the energy of pure Being, the whole Universe moves to accomplish whatever it is that you have intended, and so much more.

In the energy of pure Being, you are a pure intention of the Whole and you have surrendered yourself into that Wholeness. There is no longer a separate ‘you’ trying efforting to get things done. You are a unified movement, the dance of Oneness in the pretense of multiplicity. And it's in your ability to be the door to this, rather than the doer of this, that you experience the unicity of pure Being.

Thursday, January 20

Insight #123,477

If Love is the Source Code of this reality
   Then it only makes sense to make oneself
      continuously resonant and congruent 
          with its very vibration

Tuesday, January 18

‎"We are vortices whose centre is a point that is motionless and eternal but which appears in manifestation as motion which increases in velocity in the manner of a whirlpool or tornado (whose epicentre is still) from nucleus to periphery. But the nucleus is in Reality, whereas the vortex is phenomenon in the form of a multi-dimensional force-field. The periphery of this force-field appears as matter, of various densities, extended in space and moving in time at divers velocities. The totality of this appearance partakes of the consciousness which is its core and only reality."
-Wei Wu Wei

Monday, January 17

Question: hey what's your star sign?
New Answer: I don't have one.
Question: Well, when were you born?
New Answer #1: Which me? Which birth?
New Answer #2: I wasn't.
New Answer #3: Now...and Now...and's going to go on like this forever.
You can only belong to the boxes you put yourself in ;)

Sunday, January 16


"The cosmic spotlight isn’t pointed at you; it radiates from within you...If we wait for the world’s permission to shine, we will never receive it."
- Marianne Williamson

Wednesday, January 12

The Heart Diamond

What I love is the quests that come to me as I observe and ponder my world. In my ever growing circle of connections I again and again meet beautiful beings who love stones and crystals and trinkets and endow them with special meaning and power. For some reason I'm not drawn to items like that in the same way. For me it's not the gemstones, the crystlas, the rings or necklaces, or the trinkets that affect your mood or health or well-being or abundance or anything else. I prefer to be completely IN-powered, forever affirming the center of power inside myself as the sole cause of what I experience. I am about the consciousness that you are. I love admiring all the amazing jewelry and creative expression in this world but I would no more hand over my power to feel open and expansive to a gem in my hand than I would to a wild bunny hopping across the forest.

The gems, the stones, the toys are all fun, amazing, beautiful to play with and decorate ourselves with, but ultimately for me, it's about me. Take mala-beads for instance – it’s not really the beads that have the power but the energy you charge them with through your mantra’s, your repetitions, your practice and effort. For me, it’s the same with any other stone or gem – they can serve to enhance, store, hold the charge of your intentions. You can infuse and encode them with all sorts of higher energies. Kind of like the mass-storage sticks of a computer - I see the stones, the gems, the crystals of this world serving in that same way.  But ultimately it’s you who brings, anchors, and awakens to that power they symbolize or represent. It's you who activates, downloads, and uses the data stored or recorded on them. It all comes back to you.

I hold my own heart-mind as the center and power of transformation, healing, and whatever else. It's about the diamond, the indescribable unique center of power within my own Heart - it's to that I give all power to.

Monday, January 10


in·teg·ri·ty   [in-teg-ri-tee] –noun
1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.
3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship's hull.
What am I in integrity with? What am I willing to resonate and harmonize with? What am I willing to be a representation of?

This is a questioning I check in with regularly. Every moment we are making an endless number of choices and decisions in response to the things showing up in our world. It's amazing how much we are confronted with both "out there" and within ourselves. What I know now beyond question is that life does not ask you to compromise what you are committed to in this world. It does not ask you to compromise who you are committed to being in your life. It merely gives you opportunities again and again to be clear on who you are and to define what you stand for, and act accordingly.

It's never really about the offers that show up - as amazing or as convoluted as they may be. It's really about what you are committed to in that moment. Who you are committed to being is all that's being brought to your attention in every single moment. Who are you committed to being in this moment? What are you willing to be in integrity with here? You are given opportunities to choose, to decide, to act in ways that are congruent with your highest ideals.

Things show up to bring the clarity of your own character into focus. How you choose in those moments shape the scenes that will come to meet you! And it's always and only you who does the choosing.

Friday, January 7

The Revolution into Love

It's happening.

It's everywhere.

Everywhere I look, everyone I meet, every being drawn to me and every being I am drawn to is taking it on. The embodiment of Being That which we really are. Love. It's thousands of years in the making.

And Here We Are en mass lighting and igniting ourselves into the fire of Love. Fireworks of human hearts waking into realization!

It's seeping into my dreams - this movement and the energy behind it is UNSTOPPABLE.

Enter dream sequence 1:
I'm standing on stage. My hair's out to space like chaka khan's, and the audience is revved up ready to launch into a whole new sphere of being. I can see my own energy field and it's huge. And I'm saying something like "the revolution into love will be televised." [haha...yeah] I'm not just saying it. I'm shouting it from the top of my lungs and everyone in the audience along with me. Then I see what I gather is a newsreel of people, all over the world, showing their devotion to BEING this energy, this Love, this togetherness.

Rad right? And that's not just it. It's the energy of the dream. I felt so high when I woke up that tears couldn't help but flow out of me in awe.  THIS is where we are. Choosing what we can embody. Stepping out of the everyday collection of judgments, labels, conditions, criticisms, the endless mental narrative, and stepping into embracing it ALL. Listening to our own inner stories with love, releasing them into love, and showing up in the world as Love. It's not work. It's BEING what we are capable of being. I am so inspired by life.

"Love in its essence is spiritual fire."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Feel it. Live it. Be consumed by it.

Breathe in Life.
Breathe out the fire of Love.

It is what transforms everything in this world.


Wednesday, January 5

Drink From This Cup

I’ve been going through some sort of internal growth spurt. I know this because I wake up in the middle of the night feeling energetically bigger. Everything around me in those moments has a DEEP quietness to it and my seeing itself is different. Last night was more. I was in that state between dreaming and waking up. A white Japanese-like tea cup appeared right at my mouth filled with something that had a lot of vapor. It had some sort of ancient writing around it in gold. And something said “just take it in” so I sucked in all the vapor and felt this coolness enter my mouth. Something else showed up and it felt significant – I don’t remember it right now. When my eyes opened I felt it, a change, a difference, a noticeable expansion.

Do I know what this means?

No, I never know. To think we know is to live within the limits of our past. It’s just always intriguing to see it reflected in my waking playground. I've had enough prophetic dreams in this state that "later" came to pass in my waking reality. It amazes me, this experience of dreaming and living, and how we have the capacity to always access frames of what we think is our future.

It's all Here Now. All of it. No then and now. Just Now.

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