Wednesday, December 15


A little while ago I got a knock on my door about how our recycling bin was cardboard only. The island gig on recycling is interesting to witness.  I live in a complex of apartments housing a lot of people! First I furrowed my brow and looked at the apartment manager like WTF. Then I woke up to my sense of empowerment. Nothing is FINAL. Ever.

So I got to work calling the city waste management and the property manager of all the apartments who is located in another city to get information and to make my case. And I made my case. Well, the amazing woman looked into it, talked to city waste management on her end and got to the bottom of it.  It turns out, the giant green bin that we have is for mixed recycling and so she's going to get on getting the sign changed ASAP and conveying this correct information to her properties and local managers so that everyone knows not to throw recyclables in the trash. All it took was my asking questions, my taking action - making a few calls, sending a few emails. The result? THIS!

I am grateful! Most of the time we just have to ask the questions! If you simply accepted the "this is the way"-ness of the way things show up, you won't experience the outcomes you want. You have to be willing to ask: what if this was different? When there's a knock at your door with information you know just doesn't resonate - ask - what other possibility is here? What other possibility could be here?

And then follow through. Step into whatever action-steps occur to you.

I wanna go knock on all the doors now and tell them the right info!

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