Friday, December 31

Happy New NOW: ThankYou 2010, Hello 2011

Darling 2010,

It's within you that I learned how to live on my own for the first time ever.
You placed me by the Ocean in my private little oasis.
You gave me the perfect place to call my own, and my own it was.
I walked and I drove, I laid and I dove, I climbed and went back to walking some more.
Then I flew higher than I've ever flown before.
You brought me encounters with more deer, and wild bunnies, glorious owls, and so much more.
I got to see wild salmon flipping in the sea.
Gorgeous mountains saluted me from all directions.
Ocean sunrise and ocean sunsets and ancient trees that stood tall for miles and miles upward into the sky.
I fell asleep to the sound of raging river over and over again and woke up to a spring time of pink and white blossoms.
I went on a boat ride to a floating restaurant and dined oceanside under the sun.
I took a ferry across the sea to the most amazing mind-bending gathering of my life.
I met and melted with more hearts than I've ever dreamed of.
Insights and glowing hearts, buzzing, and humming, life flowed into love and into bliss.
And I started my very own Love Broadcast a la Be Love Radio.
I leaped into the matters of consciousness with 8 episodes reminding on the power of YOU.
I laughed and laughed and I cried in the middle.
Joy filled my moments and light radiated from my eyes.
And my Heart? My Heart opened in ways I never knew it could.
What an amazing arrangement you became my beautiful 2010.
I thank you for all that you allowed me to ingest and digest.

Dear 2011, 
          I SO am excited to meet you. As much as I live and teach the practice of forming intentions and envisioning the moments ahead I live in a deep let go of everything I make up my moments can become. For to make up that I know or can fathom what's ahead, is to impose limits on what I  again and again am amazed to find out is beyond anything I can conceive of with my mind. 
         So 2011 I am excited to see what you and I become. I am excited how we are unveiling and revealing the Unknown Gracious Mystery that births this You and I. I love the possibilities ahead and melt over and over into the realization that anything can happen in the frames I know as my up and coming instants. 

Thank you from this Here Space 

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