Sunday, December 12

The Creators Way

     I'm getting to have the most amazing conversations in the world - conversations that open up so much and have me feeling like I am on the most amazing platform ever. EVER. Every single one of us are CREATORS in this world, focusing on and adding to whatever has our attention. By the mere fact you exist, I hold, you are creative, and creating. You are molding the universal substance, with your focus, with your thoughts, with your speech, with how you choose to be and how you choose to show up everywhere in your world. And lately, I'm noticing how there is a way we can communicate that just sets the inner spark that we are on FIRE. I'm getting to be a part of conversations, interactions, sharing's that have an energy about them that from beginning to end, I Am Inspired! WOW!
     And inspiration is a funny thing - a funny thing that isn't meant to be boxed into one form. You can be inspired by the way an ancient tree leans on an awkward angle and yet manages to continue to grow, flower, shed, and grow again. You can be inspired by a woman on a bus, a bag lady of sorts who has decorated her cart with all sorts of stuffed animals. And she wears her creation proudly and boldly. You can be inspired by a gentle rain, an open heart, or someone...anyone... showing up in your reality ready to be real. Amazing creators creating life and being created by life - this is all that surrounds us. This is what we are immersed in, endless ongoing inspired creation. Inspiration is ever-present.
     If we're looking around in our world not feeling the sense of AWE, not feeling the miraculous, it is really only because we're in our own head mangled up in thoughts that are driving us to focus on the mediocre. The illusion of mediocrity rises only when we look at the world through closed eyes. When you look at life with small eyes, you miss out on so much of the magick, the synchonicity, the miraculous, the detailed intricate wonder filled wonder that is Here Right Now happening across universes and gateways, in hearts and awarenesses of beings everywhere.

Creation is BIG. So why look at it with small eyes? There is so much brilliance in this world to be seen, to be felt, to be heard, to be touched, to be in communion with. SO MUCH!


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