Tuesday, December 28

Astrology And You

When it comes to planetary and celestial influences, I always feel a little poked with irritation when someone shows up being completely dis-empowered by their astrological forecast. "Hey, this planet is doing such and such and so my reality for the next 14 days is going to suck". Guess what? If you play by that rule, then you are choosing that reality. To me, that is as much a state of victim consciousness as any other.

Here's the thing about your power. You get to CHOOSE your part in the games you play with and in this platform.  You observe every single one of your experiences into being within the rule-sets and expectations you chisel into place. Ask what you are consenting to. Focus not only on how the celestial forces can influence you, but on how you influence these forces as well. Be empowered in all directions of your reality. Notice the participatory nature of your world and include your own power in the equation. Nothing is ever imposed upon you. Nothing. Choose what and how you interact with all aspects of this vibrational platform. Choose what you give power to in your world.

I am amazed to come across amazing creators falling victim in this area of their experience. Where in everywhere else they claim and powerfully own their observer-ship and creator-ship, here suddenly they no longer have the power. SEE the inconsistency in that for yourself.

Every model you employ in your reality is a belief-pattern, a frame you're imposing on how your moments can show up. If it's useful and fun for you to have your gadgets and digital toys short-circuit because "mercury is in retrograde" then by all means continue to play with that belief parameter. If it's not useful, then ask yourself, what would happen if I were to give up this belief in this moment?

Am I negating the power of the energy fields we know as planets in this platform? Not at all. I'm just introducing your own power into the equation.

Play On,


Sierra said...

My thoughts exactly, sister. Imagine that I was just saying yesterday how all this Mercury is in retrograde stuff is so dis-empowering... for me, when Mercury is in retrograde magic happens!!! And funny, when it's not in retrograde, magic happens too!!! Imagine that!! <3<3

Sierra said...
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~Justice INSights~ said...

Be the author of your own stars! Taking responsibility for your own life is not only empowering it is freeing.
Free yourself from antiquated beliefs you are a star, don't blame them shine like them!!

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