Friday, December 31

Happy New NOW: ThankYou 2010, Hello 2011

Darling 2010,

It's within you that I learned how to live on my own for the first time ever.
You placed me by the Ocean in my private little oasis.
You gave me the perfect place to call my own, and my own it was.
I walked and I drove, I laid and I dove, I climbed and went back to walking some more.
Then I flew higher than I've ever flown before.
You brought me encounters with more deer, and wild bunnies, glorious owls, and so much more.
I got to see wild salmon flipping in the sea.
Gorgeous mountains saluted me from all directions.
Ocean sunrise and ocean sunsets and ancient trees that stood tall for miles and miles upward into the sky.
I fell asleep to the sound of raging river over and over again and woke up to a spring time of pink and white blossoms.
I went on a boat ride to a floating restaurant and dined oceanside under the sun.
I took a ferry across the sea to the most amazing mind-bending gathering of my life.
I met and melted with more hearts than I've ever dreamed of.
Insights and glowing hearts, buzzing, and humming, life flowed into love and into bliss.
And I started my very own Love Broadcast a la Be Love Radio.
I leaped into the matters of consciousness with 8 episodes reminding on the power of YOU.
I laughed and laughed and I cried in the middle.
Joy filled my moments and light radiated from my eyes.
And my Heart? My Heart opened in ways I never knew it could.
What an amazing arrangement you became my beautiful 2010.
I thank you for all that you allowed me to ingest and digest.

Dear 2011, 
          I SO am excited to meet you. As much as I live and teach the practice of forming intentions and envisioning the moments ahead I live in a deep let go of everything I make up my moments can become. For to make up that I know or can fathom what's ahead, is to impose limits on what I  again and again am amazed to find out is beyond anything I can conceive of with my mind. 
         So 2011 I am excited to see what you and I become. I am excited how we are unveiling and revealing the Unknown Gracious Mystery that births this You and I. I love the possibilities ahead and melt over and over into the realization that anything can happen in the frames I know as my up and coming instants. 

Thank you from this Here Space 

Tuesday, December 28

Astrology And You

When it comes to planetary and celestial influences, I always feel a little poked with irritation when someone shows up being completely dis-empowered by their astrological forecast. "Hey, this planet is doing such and such and so my reality for the next 14 days is going to suck". Guess what? If you play by that rule, then you are choosing that reality. To me, that is as much a state of victim consciousness as any other.

Here's the thing about your power. You get to CHOOSE your part in the games you play with and in this platform.  You observe every single one of your experiences into being within the rule-sets and expectations you chisel into place. Ask what you are consenting to. Focus not only on how the celestial forces can influence you, but on how you influence these forces as well. Be empowered in all directions of your reality. Notice the participatory nature of your world and include your own power in the equation. Nothing is ever imposed upon you. Nothing. Choose what and how you interact with all aspects of this vibrational platform. Choose what you give power to in your world.

I am amazed to come across amazing creators falling victim in this area of their experience. Where in everywhere else they claim and powerfully own their observer-ship and creator-ship, here suddenly they no longer have the power. SEE the inconsistency in that for yourself.

Every model you employ in your reality is a belief-pattern, a frame you're imposing on how your moments can show up. If it's useful and fun for you to have your gadgets and digital toys short-circuit because "mercury is in retrograde" then by all means continue to play with that belief parameter. If it's not useful, then ask yourself, what would happen if I were to give up this belief in this moment?

Am I negating the power of the energy fields we know as planets in this platform? Not at all. I'm just introducing your own power into the equation.

Play On,

Sunday, December 26

Familiar Face

You know that feeling when you see someone and you KNOW them - everything about them is familiar, like you've seen them before and met them before, even though you actually haven't? I'm on a quest to discover what the recognition is implying. What is that loud familiarity? What is it that pulls your attention into looking at them again and again?

The Heart always knows what the mind may not be ready to recognize.

I am grateful for everyone I see and everyone I don't see, for everyone I meet in every lifetime and everyone I don't ever meet! It all fits. Beautiful blessings rain in on my world and what BLISS it is to feel it all before it has even fully formed to my eyes.

Deeply in LOVE,

Friday, December 24

This Is Banana's!

I am grateful for my circle of friends who showcase hilarity like this!

Just put a banana in your ear!

Sunday, December 19


if it isn't inspiring you to be open
if it isn't inspiring you to be more transparent
if it isn't inspiring you to hold space
if it isn't a space for you to connect to Love
if it is fragmenting
if it is exclusive
if it is closed off
if it isn't awake
if it isn't reminding you of your more-ness
                                            your magnificence
                                                           your beauty
then it's obvious isn't it?

Everything is in service of you exercising your choice, your power to choose.

Saturday, December 18

I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.
— Paulo Coelho

Wednesday, December 15


A little while ago I got a knock on my door about how our recycling bin was cardboard only. The island gig on recycling is interesting to witness.  I live in a complex of apartments housing a lot of people! First I furrowed my brow and looked at the apartment manager like WTF. Then I woke up to my sense of empowerment. Nothing is FINAL. Ever.

So I got to work calling the city waste management and the property manager of all the apartments who is located in another city to get information and to make my case. And I made my case. Well, the amazing woman looked into it, talked to city waste management on her end and got to the bottom of it.  It turns out, the giant green bin that we have is for mixed recycling and so she's going to get on getting the sign changed ASAP and conveying this correct information to her properties and local managers so that everyone knows not to throw recyclables in the trash. All it took was my asking questions, my taking action - making a few calls, sending a few emails. The result? THIS!

I am grateful! Most of the time we just have to ask the questions! If you simply accepted the "this is the way"-ness of the way things show up, you won't experience the outcomes you want. You have to be willing to ask: what if this was different? When there's a knock at your door with information you know just doesn't resonate - ask - what other possibility is here? What other possibility could be here?

And then follow through. Step into whatever action-steps occur to you.

I wanna go knock on all the doors now and tell them the right info!

Tuesday, December 14

My Favorite Client

This little birdie flew into the window and landed on my balcony. It was barely moving so I scooped it up, brought it inside and did some energy work. Then just sat in Stillness looking at it. Such a gorgeous little being. Its little eyes started to droop so I got up to look for some bird-friendly seeds. Came back to find birdie all jazzed up and ready to fly. So I opened my window and off it went. Inspiration? Magick? Love?  Yeah, it's EVERYWHERE!

Sunday, December 12

The Creators Way

     I'm getting to have the most amazing conversations in the world - conversations that open up so much and have me feeling like I am on the most amazing platform ever. EVER. Every single one of us are CREATORS in this world, focusing on and adding to whatever has our attention. By the mere fact you exist, I hold, you are creative, and creating. You are molding the universal substance, with your focus, with your thoughts, with your speech, with how you choose to be and how you choose to show up everywhere in your world. And lately, I'm noticing how there is a way we can communicate that just sets the inner spark that we are on FIRE. I'm getting to be a part of conversations, interactions, sharing's that have an energy about them that from beginning to end, I Am Inspired! WOW!
     And inspiration is a funny thing - a funny thing that isn't meant to be boxed into one form. You can be inspired by the way an ancient tree leans on an awkward angle and yet manages to continue to grow, flower, shed, and grow again. You can be inspired by a woman on a bus, a bag lady of sorts who has decorated her cart with all sorts of stuffed animals. And she wears her creation proudly and boldly. You can be inspired by a gentle rain, an open heart, or someone...anyone... showing up in your reality ready to be real. Amazing creators creating life and being created by life - this is all that surrounds us. This is what we are immersed in, endless ongoing inspired creation. Inspiration is ever-present.
     If we're looking around in our world not feeling the sense of AWE, not feeling the miraculous, it is really only because we're in our own head mangled up in thoughts that are driving us to focus on the mediocre. The illusion of mediocrity rises only when we look at the world through closed eyes. When you look at life with small eyes, you miss out on so much of the magick, the synchonicity, the miraculous, the detailed intricate wonder filled wonder that is Here Right Now happening across universes and gateways, in hearts and awarenesses of beings everywhere.

Creation is BIG. So why look at it with small eyes? There is so much brilliance in this world to be seen, to be felt, to be heard, to be touched, to be in communion with. SO MUCH!


Wednesday, December 8

Evidence of True Love

It is amazing to see Love at work - this embracing, inclusive power that adds and adds and adds to your world, to your seeing, to your being. True Love is so apparent in its transparency, so obvious in its beckoning, so powerful in its call. Who Love calls you to be is undeniably obvious. How Love calls to you is unquestioningly clear.

Rush to answer,
      Rush to listen,
          Rush to go where you are directed.

True Love, the invitations of your own Heart, are only leading you into more Love.

I am living this!

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