Saturday, November 13

Love Is King Love Is Queen

This past week I stretched even further. It felt amazing. And while I have the same feeling of accomplishment while doing asanas and stretching further into a pose than I've ever done before, here I'm talking about doing something I've never done before. I've been hosting radio shows for over a year now. It was something that just kind of came together effortlessly, one scene flowing right into the next until I found myself being on the radio having conversations with all kinds of interesting beings in this world.

Then I expanded out of the group project that is Joy Vibe Radio to my own little Love channel, Be Love Radio. Again it just flowed, amazing inspiring guests kept popping up, everyone kept saying YES to be on the radio and within a month I found myself being pulled to do a show on my own - a full show, no guests, no co-hosts, no live sessions with clients, just me. WOW. I put up a little bit of a fight in my own head making up all sorts of excuses for why it was going to be difficult to be on the air by myself. Even though I put my expressions out in all directions, from blogs to youtube video's, for some reason the longer time commitment of a solo radio show a big deal.

So I talked myself forward. I stepped into it. We're always doing that. We're always either talking ourselves into growth or we're talking ourselves into complacency, into that space that feels comfortable and familiar. But you know what? We're born to keep expanding, to keep stepping into unfamiliar new experiences so we can really connect to the more-ness of everything that we are. What I experienced just for that small step, just for that stepping into it was an expanded sense of energy like nothing else. I felt like I had stepped into my own in a whole new way, and WHAT A FEELING. Now it all seems effortless.

Right after I decided to do this solo show, I received a request to have Avasa & Matty Love on BeLoveRadio - if you don't know about their new debut album Love Is King Love Is Queen, please do your gorgeous Heart a favor and have a listen. Share it. Buy it. And tune in to BeLoveRadio for their open sharing on Sunday Nov. 21 2PM PST.

I am so completely inspired by what LOVE is moving me into!

Where are you holding back from what your heart is leading you into? 
Where are you refusing to step into something unfamiliar and new? 
Where can you talk yourself into allowing your growth?


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