Friday, November 26

Flowing Forward

The river behind my home just flows, fiercly, abundantly, and never-endingly. There's nothing about it that tries to figure out how it's going to flow and where it's going to flow to. It just flows. It just IS.

That part of us that needs to figure things out, that needs to *know* what's going to happen next, where we're going to be going next in our own flow of life and living, tries to grasp at the unknown only out of insecurity and mistrust of the not-yet-seen, the unmanifest.

And so it is to that portion of yourself you say:
     let go,
        trust the flow,
            trust that the current knows where it's going to take you
                and what it's going to do with you.

There is an all-pervading force that is organizing, orchestrating, and looking after every tiny detail of every moment. That conscious chatter that tries to squeeze the infinite-ness of this power into *knowing* through the lens of past experience and insecurity, only veils the miraculous hand that is at back of all that you see and don't see in your world.

This vast playground of Great Magick knows exactly what it is doing, with a precision and depth that your conscious mind cannot wrap itself around.



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Polytropia said...

Kidest, this is beautiful!! I loved it! However in my opinion is not consciousness chatter who veils the miracle of letting go, but ego for consciusness does not chatter I think. For me consciosness equals awaraness, and when we are aware we are not into the ego, we just are, as the river just is.
♥ love,

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