Thursday, October 28

Fulfilling Love's Promise

"Are we going to use this relationship to awaken together?"

Imagine if this was my standard question on a first date, a job interview, a tenant/landlord inquiry, or the prelude to the blessing at my family's Thanksgiving dinner. Culturally we keep looking for “the one”: the perfect job, partner or circumstance to create our fulfillment. What if the one we are looking for is really the One, the one consciousness expressing as many? What if love is a presence - a state of mind? What if relationship is about awakening to this realization? What if life is an inside job and what you are hoping that a relationship can fulfill can only be attained in your awareness? In this book you will be trained to generate your own love experience, to say the hard things, to create an environment for being transparent, and ultimately, to create unconditional love in all your relations!

This is what I  live and embody, this is what I WILL live and embody, in all my connections!


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Polytropia said...

Hey Kidest!
You are not so gonna believe this!! The latest blog entry I am writing talks aboit exactly the same thing than this book!! Recently, what I write, is connected somehow to several someone else's writings, like it happens with Sierra, and Flo. That's sooo cool... we are in sync baby!

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