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Faces of Love

The most amazing thing I'm learning right now is the power of authenticity, integrity, and acknowledgement. I'm being introduced over and over again to beings who are LIVING the reality of Being Love in every way, with such openness and transparency. It's INSPIRING and ENERGIZING. On my first Be Love Radio show today I got to connect with Ryland, a being choosing to show up as Love in his world and community - it's a MUST listen. CHOOSING is the key word. We all have this amazing capacity to choose how we show up in our world, to choose who we're going to be, what we're going to represent. And the most powerful thing to witness and to connect with is the actual practice of this intention, this decision to BE LOVE.

Someone who is living this practice in their day to day world resonates in a way that the more they express who they are, the more you feel yourself opening to allow more of this transforming power stream we call Love. There's an authenticity to them, a transparency, an openness that really lets you connect not only to them, but to the deepest most profound aspects of yourself - in that connection you feel it, you are them, they are you, you are the same powerful essence showing up as two. Everyone I spoke to who listened to the show today FELT it, and my heart soared for it. THIS is what I want. Making this connected stream, giving this power more avenues to make itself known, to make itself available for all of us who choose to truly show up in Love and as Love in the world,. I want to broadcast at this frequency all day every day. I want all the Lovers to feel connected, plugged in, and inspired to keep embodying this choice, this call to be the more that we are.

I didn't know I was going to branch off from the group radio show I was doing for this. It just flowed. A small nudge turned into a deep call - DO THIS, create a channel that is dedicated to bringing shows about the power of love, being love, embodying love, CHOOSING love. And the few amazing reflectors I consulted only said YES, DO IT, GO FULL SPEED AHEAD. And so here it is. Tune in, tap in, stay tuned to for more amazing shows, and share it with everyone you know.

All I can say is, I am so grateful for the exchanges I get to have in this world. I am so grateful for the beings who come to make my world so much brighter and fuller by simply being who they are.
As the embodiments of love, how shall we live? What shall we do and what shall we not do? How shall we live? How shall we demonstrate what we know, deep in our heart? How are we to make real in this world what moves silently within us all? It is not enough to ask and answer, Who am I? That is only half the equation of wisdom. The other half is to ask and answer, How shall I live? But answer slowly, and deeply. The first shout is likely not it. You've got to get down below the surface.
How shall I live? is the question that brings us from the mountaintop of inner realization to the valley of daily living. Here, in the valley of daily living, is where our realization is polished and tested. This is where we show ourselves, where we tell the truth about our love and loves, where we finally make sense of the whole thing not in words and ideas and theories, but in the simple way we touch living things. In our daily living is where we demonstrate what we know about being an embodiment of love. - Robert Rabbin

Let your Heart lead you, for it will only lead you into your bliss, into the center of connectedness that dwells and is alive inside of you.

Love is the only reality. And now it is the only topic.



Jill Luigs said…
My business partner, Tammy Davis, and I have turned our worlds upside down to do just this. We live from our hearts and are building businesses that are heart-based. Every decision we make come from our hearts. We have just arrived in Santa Fe with lint in our pockets to show up in this world as authentically and as grateful as we possibly can.

Thank you for this post. I've been reading your blog for months now, and have been blogging a lot lately about the very same thing as this one you just posted.

From my heart to yours, thank you for all you are. Jill --

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