Tuesday, October 26

Creating the Past, Remembering the Future

❝It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards❞ - the Queen
This has been coming up a lot for me lately - this illusion of time moving only in one direction when in fact there is no movement of anything at all. Time does not move me. I move time. Time does not flow around me, time flows FROM me. Time is completely perceptual, a dimension of consciousness only. So then why is there this condition that memory can only be accessed in one direction when the very idea of linear direction itself is made-up? I have these experiences sometimes that I'm actually observing the me I appear to be right now from a distant "future" point on the space-time continuum, that this awareness that I am is the awareness of the future 'me' who has already had all of the experiences of this lifetime (all versions of them) and is now looking "back" to trace her steps back to the point she's at - that I am a memory she's having from "over there" in the future. In a sense, I am a memory my future self is having...

I know, I shouldn't be so careless with my crazy like this plastering it all over the internet. I blame whoever has been dosing my tap water with LSD.

Have you ever wondered how we came to decide the way we were going to perceive and experience this world? Who decided that how we experience the past was going to be in the box we know as "memory"? How can there be memory when there is no time whatsoever? Do you ever remember deciding how you were going to experience time?

I've had enough experiences of knowing things "before" they happen, seeing things "before" they take place that I know directly that my ideas of what the "future" is are just brain farts. If you had to ask about my understanding of the past and future - this is it (at least for right now): we are observing/creating the past now in as much as we are observing/creating the future. Or put another way, just as we have the ability to remember a past with unwavering certainty, we right now have an ability to remember a future with that same kind of conviction. We can flow the spiral of our awareness in all directions. And it can even be the inverse of how we have chosen to experience it now, instead of creating the future and remembering the past, we can just as likely create the past and remember the future. Do you see the spoon bending yet?

We have taught ourselves that the future is ahead of us, out there floating aimlessly in the ethers, but not so. This is just one of many ways of perceiving this world we've taught ourselves. It is inside of us like everything else - everything is within us, all the possibilities, all the alternate timelines, all the possible pasts and futures are alive inside our own consciousness. Right Now. Where do you normally look when you think about the future? Does your awareness venture out into some outer peripheral nonlocal space? Oh yeah, there. Mine used to until I realized that even the experience of "out there" is something I'M creating in this moment, in this unmoving still moment.

Time is warpy (yes warpy is a real word). Life's a trip. Perception is LSD. And Reality is all just Me.

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