Sunday, October 31

The Clarity of Love

It's as if LOVE is constantly asking me to notice what I am in integrity with, what I am in alignment with, what I am congruent with. It feels so good to see with the clarity of Love that at any moment my focus wanders into not seeing the light-essence of those in my world I FEEL the discord.

What I know is this: nothing is about how someone else is making me feel, nothing is about what "they" over there are doing or not doing, nothing is about how "they" are behaving or not behaving. It is ALWAYS every single time about from what point within myself I am looking at "them". From where within myself am I choosing to observe "them"?

There really is no "them" - there is only my projection and the story I am making up in my own mind about Love.

It takes a certain sturdy-ness and steadiness to see through the eyes of Love, and when I am in alignment with that seeing I can feel myself lift off the ground in remembrance and in re-cognition that LOVE is the only thing worth seeing and noticing. Because everything else is a projection of resistance, an illusion born of our willingness to see something that's not even there. So my question is: Am I willing to see through the eyes of Love here, am I willing to see what Love sees here, am I willing to recognize what Love KNOWS here, or am I going to align with resisting this seeing?

It's a practice, a conscious decision to KNOW beyond the world of sensory perception. If we hold to the understanding that everything is Love, then doesn't it make sense that all we experience as something other than Love is our own resistance to that knowing, our own contradiction, our own negation of what we hold to be True? We don't experience discord because of "other's out there" - we experience discord because of the disparity we create in our own seeing and being.

I am grateful for the moments that let me climb deeper into this K-NOWing. Life is the greatest teacher I've ever known.


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