Sunday, September 26

What does $1.2 Million look like?

Money dreams don't really come to me that often. I dream all sorts of things, most of which come true. And I've had dreams of "stuff" showing up that does end up showing up in really fun ways. But money dreams, I didn't used to experience. Not like this one. I woke up with the echoing of:
$1.2 Million
It's $1.2 Million
I kind of just stayed in bed a bit puzzled and then started to think about what that even means. It was specific. It wasn't raining money or there wasn't a pot of gold in a mystical forest. There was just this distinct exact echo: $1.2 million. $1, 200,000. What does $1.2 million mean? What does that look like? I could think of stuff: a large estate, cars, luxury, ease, travel, boating, $1,000 pants, and $500 lunch tabs - that kind of stuff. But I couldn't really SEE the dollar translation, the stack of money bills. The physical figure.

Not that I really needed to see it. I was just curious. 

I love money. Money and I have an awesome relationship and if I'm at the point of dreaming about millions, HEY, who am I to question it!!!

After all, Money and I are made out of the same stuff! So what does $1.2 Million look like? After some thought in bed I realized, it looks like ME.

I love this life!


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