Thursday, September 30

I Reiki You

It was a few years ago that my curiosity with energy work and energy play took me into the world of Reiki. I got my first degree attunement/certification, then my second, and will at some point go for the master attunement. Why not? I'm a "go all the way with every adventure I step into" kinda gal. I had been reading about chakra systems and the like for years before I stepped into playing with these kinds of reality constructs. It was adding the practice of actually dealing with the body and everything else that appears in this world as just patterns of energy that made all the theories and abstractions about an energetic playground real.

Then enter the world of quantum physics. This shifted the experience and practice of energy play to a different level for me. I discovered Matrix Energetics, or maybe it discovered me, and off I went to explore the field of miracles. I went and immersed myself in the concepts and practices. I got my level 1 and 2, and attended the practitioner certification class because I just wanted more. I got to and continue to get to experience my world and environment in a really indescribable way - a way that keeps morphing so quickly that my concepts have to keep expanding and my mind has to keep short-circuiting. Whatever I know, however well I know it, is a box of limitation I impose upon myself. Naturally I'll keep participating in this field just to maintain the level of awareness it brings about when you choose to engage with your reality as only light and information, and then remind yourself that even that is a limiting box you're choosing to play in.

I put together a little video a little while ago on how anyone can really transform their experiences while holding an energetic model of reality and themselves. If you see yourself as an energetic being in an energetic environment, where all you allow yourself to see is a field of light and information every which way you turn, then the "stuff" of your world becomes much more malleable than if you were to look out into your world and see solid physical fixed hard stuff. Whatever lens you choose to view yourself and your world with presents you with a specific type of experience. It's the physics of this space-time playfield.

So here's the vid getting a little into it:


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