Thursday, September 23

I Am Paradise

I used to have this charming soulbrother who would say to me "you are paradise in human form".

Lately I've been so in touch with the bliss center of my own being that I know he was on to something. We all have this inner oasis inside ourselves. It makes itself known, it makes itself available when we turn the focus of our mind and attention back into our inner world. I feel it around my heart and when my attention turns on itself, this feeling takes over everything. Everything I'm aware of, everything I feel or notice in my world suddenly presents itself in a new light, in a more serene and surreal light.

But it's the realest thing there is.

This center of pure something-ness that words can only point to. There is no paradise "out there" in the world, this is the paradise, this center within myself. This is the heaven. You are this. I Am this. I Am Paradise. I Am Heaven. As you are.
He who looks outside [his own heart] DREAMS, he who looks inside [his own heart] AWAKENS - Carl Jung
The greatest love and lover of all things lives inside ourselves, inside our own heart. That is the only true retreat, the only true rest, the only true center of fulfillment.

What a flawless design this whole thing is

in bliss,

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