Thursday, September 16

The Happy Town of Single-dom

I guess it's only known news once I've blogged about it. I go on about my life without ever really generating quarterly reports. Though I should, 'cause the way the majority of the lovers in my life know about the happenings in Kid Town is through my electronic blah blah blah's. I've never been one to pick up the phone and make announcements of my stuff and with all this physical distance and absence of loveface time with my awesome friends, I've gotten worse at the whole thing.

Clearly, my awesomeness has no boundaries.

I've always known that relationships were meant to be easy, and I proved myself right this time. When I realized that there was no such thing as endings, that there was only transformation, that you never leave anyone in your experience but rather just change the role you play in their lives, the way I moved and communicated in my relationships became more open, more transparent, more based and centered in love. My new conclusion and experience is that we can come together in love and gratitude, but we can also go our different ways in love and gratitude. So when it was clear that my perfect practice partner and I were traveling in different directions in life, the transition back into friendship-land flowed naturally, with continued open communication and heart-centered love.

That was really all there is to it. Nothing but love flowing and transforming every which way.

So now I'm looking to see how my perfect so and so, who is where I am and headed in the same direction of where I'd love to go in this world, forms himself before my eyes.

We'll dance all night long, and laugh, and talk about this delicious ridiculous world endlessly. We'll make amazing (veggie) meals together.. We'll hold hands and make definite plans, travel the globe, and bask in the still center living in our hearts. We'll spin in love, we'll sleep in love, we'll make more love. We'll do everything there is to do and more, and we'll do nothing at all. He is wise, and centered, knowing of his own power and more. He loves to smile and boogie down till the sun comes up. He's taller than I am and filled with light. He is light. He's rad!

Tell him I say hi when you see him!

"Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along." - Rumi

This quote is precisely the reason I'm looking down my shirt saying "okay, you can come out now lovemate!"

In Love All Ways,

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