Thursday, September 9

Best Life Ever

I walk out of the meeting room giddy in my heart for no particular reason, the main door opens and it's the mailman. We lock eyes. He gives a happy "HI" with a big smile on his face, I return with "THANK YOU" with a smile to match his as he plops the mail down onto the ground. Other meetings, he'll yell back "you're welcome" as he walks up the stairs out of our little building.

Every day I ask this Universe - how come you get even more and more beautiful every time I wake up to you?

This is a magnificent experience. There is so much to be madly in love with in this world. There is so much to appreciate all around me, every day, with every step. And as I do, beings like the mailman are what I encounter. Light filled eyes, big bright smiles, and an energy that is just inexplicable.

The connection all around me, the energy that flows within me, the things that show up every day - this is the Best Life Ever!

Now onto one of my fav afternoon treats!


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