Thursday, September 30

I Reiki You

It was a few years ago that my curiosity with energy work and energy play took me into the world of Reiki. I got my first degree attunement/certification, then my second, and will at some point go for the master attunement. Why not? I'm a "go all the way with every adventure I step into" kinda gal. I had been reading about chakra systems and the like for years before I stepped into playing with these kinds of reality constructs. It was adding the practice of actually dealing with the body and everything else that appears in this world as just patterns of energy that made all the theories and abstractions about an energetic playground real.

Then enter the world of quantum physics. This shifted the experience and practice of energy play to a different level for me. I discovered Matrix Energetics, or maybe it discovered me, and off I went to explore the field of miracles. I went and immersed myself in the concepts and practices. I got my level 1 and 2, and attended the practitioner certification class because I just wanted more. I got to and continue to get to experience my world and environment in a really indescribable way - a way that keeps morphing so quickly that my concepts have to keep expanding and my mind has to keep short-circuiting. Whatever I know, however well I know it, is a box of limitation I impose upon myself. Naturally I'll keep participating in this field just to maintain the level of awareness it brings about when you choose to engage with your reality as only light and information, and then remind yourself that even that is a limiting box you're choosing to play in.

I put together a little video a little while ago on how anyone can really transform their experiences while holding an energetic model of reality and themselves. If you see yourself as an energetic being in an energetic environment, where all you allow yourself to see is a field of light and information every which way you turn, then the "stuff" of your world becomes much more malleable than if you were to look out into your world and see solid physical fixed hard stuff. Whatever lens you choose to view yourself and your world with presents you with a specific type of experience. It's the physics of this space-time playfield.

So here's the vid getting a little into it:


Sunday, September 26

What does $1.2 Million look like?

Money dreams don't really come to me that often. I dream all sorts of things, most of which come true. And I've had dreams of "stuff" showing up that does end up showing up in really fun ways. But money dreams, I didn't used to experience. Not like this one. I woke up with the echoing of:
$1.2 Million
It's $1.2 Million
I kind of just stayed in bed a bit puzzled and then started to think about what that even means. It was specific. It wasn't raining money or there wasn't a pot of gold in a mystical forest. There was just this distinct exact echo: $1.2 million. $1, 200,000. What does $1.2 million mean? What does that look like? I could think of stuff: a large estate, cars, luxury, ease, travel, boating, $1,000 pants, and $500 lunch tabs - that kind of stuff. But I couldn't really SEE the dollar translation, the stack of money bills. The physical figure.

Not that I really needed to see it. I was just curious. 

I love money. Money and I have an awesome relationship and if I'm at the point of dreaming about millions, HEY, who am I to question it!!!

After all, Money and I are made out of the same stuff! So what does $1.2 Million look like? After some thought in bed I realized, it looks like ME.

I love this life!


Saturday, September 25

I Love My Brain

It is a genetic imperative to explore the brain.  Why? Because it's there.  If you are carrying around in your head 100 billion mainframe computers, you just have to get in there and learn how to operate them.  There is nothing in the outside universe that isn't mirrored and duplicated inside your brain. - T. Leary
I love this 3 pounds stuff in my skull that processes billion bits of data second after second. The more I work on my book(s) (apparently working on one book wasn't enough), the more I'm AMAZED at the amount of information my brain/mind opens to flow. There is so much going on around me, and yet I can focus and concentrate as though the only thing happening is me writing. But then the kettle clicks and even though I'm not paying attention to it, I HEAR it. My dog moves, and even though I'm not paying attention to her, I see her move in the peripheral. All this information is being processed at the same time as I'm downloading thoughts and putting them into words through these fast moving fingers on this laptop. None of it I have to consciously think about and execute. It's all simultaneous. Immediate.  Automatic.

It's just brilliant!

Gosh we're amazing (organic) computers!

KidRobot ~

Thursday, September 23

I Am Paradise

I used to have this charming soulbrother who would say to me "you are paradise in human form".

Lately I've been so in touch with the bliss center of my own being that I know he was on to something. We all have this inner oasis inside ourselves. It makes itself known, it makes itself available when we turn the focus of our mind and attention back into our inner world. I feel it around my heart and when my attention turns on itself, this feeling takes over everything. Everything I'm aware of, everything I feel or notice in my world suddenly presents itself in a new light, in a more serene and surreal light.

But it's the realest thing there is.

This center of pure something-ness that words can only point to. There is no paradise "out there" in the world, this is the paradise, this center within myself. This is the heaven. You are this. I Am this. I Am Paradise. I Am Heaven. As you are.
He who looks outside [his own heart] DREAMS, he who looks inside [his own heart] AWAKENS - Carl Jung
The greatest love and lover of all things lives inside ourselves, inside our own heart. That is the only true retreat, the only true rest, the only true center of fulfillment.

What a flawless design this whole thing is

in bliss,

Thursday, September 16

The Happy Town of Single-dom

I guess it's only known news once I've blogged about it. I go on about my life without ever really generating quarterly reports. Though I should, 'cause the way the majority of the lovers in my life know about the happenings in Kid Town is through my electronic blah blah blah's. I've never been one to pick up the phone and make announcements of my stuff and with all this physical distance and absence of loveface time with my awesome friends, I've gotten worse at the whole thing.

Clearly, my awesomeness has no boundaries.

I've always known that relationships were meant to be easy, and I proved myself right this time. When I realized that there was no such thing as endings, that there was only transformation, that you never leave anyone in your experience but rather just change the role you play in their lives, the way I moved and communicated in my relationships became more open, more transparent, more based and centered in love. My new conclusion and experience is that we can come together in love and gratitude, but we can also go our different ways in love and gratitude. So when it was clear that my perfect practice partner and I were traveling in different directions in life, the transition back into friendship-land flowed naturally, with continued open communication and heart-centered love.

That was really all there is to it. Nothing but love flowing and transforming every which way.

So now I'm looking to see how my perfect so and so, who is where I am and headed in the same direction of where I'd love to go in this world, forms himself before my eyes.

We'll dance all night long, and laugh, and talk about this delicious ridiculous world endlessly. We'll make amazing (veggie) meals together.. We'll hold hands and make definite plans, travel the globe, and bask in the still center living in our hearts. We'll spin in love, we'll sleep in love, we'll make more love. We'll do everything there is to do and more, and we'll do nothing at all. He is wise, and centered, knowing of his own power and more. He loves to smile and boogie down till the sun comes up. He's taller than I am and filled with light. He is light. He's rad!

Tell him I say hi when you see him!

"Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along." - Rumi

This quote is precisely the reason I'm looking down my shirt saying "okay, you can come out now lovemate!"

In Love All Ways,

Writing A Best Seller!

Right now I'd compare writing a book to the practice of asanas (yoga poses) - stretch a little further, hold this pose a little longer, deepen...

I'm used to writing articles. My mind is fully flexed in the ability to allow 1000 words to come through in one sitting, that now when I reach about that, it starts packing up its bags. Okay mind, stay in this pose a little longer, flow a little more, stretch...AH! 

Here's to stretching to 3000 words in one sitting! 

Openly Allowing,

P.S. Tune in to an awesome show with Jon Marro (the gorgeousness behind ) on speaking your truth tomorrow on Joy Vibe Radio

Wednesday, September 15

It's Always Been Love

I'm not sure what called it forth. I was laying in bed before sleep, and there it was, a flood of bliss coming over me followed by a mental image of my grandmother. It was so vivid. In that moment I was sure I was feeling her essence - the who she really is-ness of it - the who we all really are-ness of it. I hadn't thought of her in years. I left her arms when I had just turned 10 to move to Canada for my mom's job, and aside from long distance phone calls here and there hadn't been in her presence ever since. She transitioned years ago. And yet just like that there she was standing in my mind, alive in her most purest forms radiating something I could only describe as bliss.

I don't believe in death. I don't think I've ever really been convinced about it. It's always been foreign to me when someone in my family passes, 'cause I don't feel it - I don't feel their absence. So I concluded, nothing dies. Yes, something happens to the body. Everything transforms. Life is just a series of physical metamorphosis. Sure.  This Love-Bliss-Essence taking on forms, shedding them to only re-cloth itself once again into a different form. And I don't mean reincarnation, I don't believe in that either. But I mean...what comes and goes as mother, father, brother and more - that is a deathless presence that I feel in everyone - whether they have a body or have shed it.

I used to call her Emayeh - that's one of the Amharic terms we use for grandmothers, loosely translating as "sweet mother" or "dear mother" - a term of endearment. She was the sweetest being in my world while I was growing up, giving me her last dollar, teaching me to cook on a little ground level coal cooker that she would prepare for me 'cause I was only like 7 years old and 4 feet tall. She was nurturning, and as I look back at my mental recordings of her, there was a mystery to her too. I knew her stories sure, but now I see how she wore her infiniteness so visibly. I had a different bond with her and my father than I had with anyone else in my family, for reasons that I don't really know. All I'm confronted with when I look at that bond is this recognition...that we've all always been so much more than meets the physical eye. So much more.

It feels amazing to see all of those early moments come so alive within me, moments I haven't thought about in years, all because of a feeling that washed over me before I went to sleep. I doubt any of us will really ever come to understand the depth of Love that manifests as the light beings in our lives. No matter their form or role, they've always been this pure essence of Love. All ways.

Deep Inside the Mystery,

Friday, September 10

Puppy LoOovE!

Best love face EVER!

Ah snuggle fest!

Best feeling EVER!

I could just live with squeaky fidgeting little puppies and be the happiest squealing with joy person on the planet!

THANK YOU for this awe-mazing day!

Thursday, September 9

Best Life Ever

I walk out of the meeting room giddy in my heart for no particular reason, the main door opens and it's the mailman. We lock eyes. He gives a happy "HI" with a big smile on his face, I return with "THANK YOU" with a smile to match his as he plops the mail down onto the ground. Other meetings, he'll yell back "you're welcome" as he walks up the stairs out of our little building.

Every day I ask this Universe - how come you get even more and more beautiful every time I wake up to you?

Saturday, September 4

Gently Breathing

The wind is blowing at the trees outside my window like they're a summer dress on a beautiful woman. It's moments like these that I feel how magnificent my life truly is.

Baby Smiles as Meditation

You know when you're having a frazzled day and something pops up in your face to get you to slow down, get back to earth, and just remem...