Sunday, August 15

Birthing My Magick

Do you ever wonder what our moments would be like if all we ever did was talk about all the amazing possibilities before us and everything we aspire to be, do, have in the world? Can you imagine what energy we would create around us and within us moment after moment if our focus was locked in the direction of our desired realities?

When I look ahead, I see myself continuing to be involved in work that continues to promote sustainable practices in the home, in the workplace, in the restaurants and institutions like hospitals and universities. I see myself continuing to co-create a magnificent world of conscious informed choosing. I see myself continuing to evolve and grow my commitment to serve, to continue to assist and inspire the ready mind into opening to the clarity and immense power within. I see myself continuing to do one on one work. I see myself doing tele-seminars and play-shops and creating a Heart-Awareness based community of beings who choose to experience and show up in their world from their Heart Center. They inspire me to do the same. I see myself creating more material presenting alternate ways of looking at the world and everything in it, through the heart, through a different lens, through the lens of what makes miracles possible.

I see myself traveling around the world and even up into space! Could you imagine yourself exploring this entire Universe? I can! I see myself with little one's in my hands showing up in the world as a mother and a student to the beings who come through me. I see myself partnered up with a conscious awakened being who sees the power of his own inner magnificence. And I see ocean, so much ocean!

I not only see it, but I FEEL all of it.

Now if all we did to share was communicate the endless possibilities before us, sharing, living, feeling them and then stepping into them, what would our worlds look like? If we focused more on what we could become, what our world could become, and breathed life only into that, what waves of energy would we flow out of us and around us?

The more we flow life into what could be rather than what isn't working or hasn't worked, the more we empower the dreams waiting to be birthed into realities THROUGH us, the more we live and experience the alchemical power that we are.

We are the magick!


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Sabrina Bright Star said...

I love the way your mind operates! I love the way you express your thoughts and images. You Inspired Me!

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