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In That Unitive State...

21 The Self is free from desire, free from evil, free from fear. As a man in the arms of his beloved is not aware of what is without and what is within, so a person in union with the Self is  not aware of what is without and what is within, for in that unitive state all desires find their perfect fulfillment. There is no other desire that needs to be fulfilled, and one goes beyond sorrow. 22 In that unitive state there is neither father nor mother, neither worlds nor gods nor even scriptures. In that state there is neither thief nor slayer, neither low caste nor high, neither monk nor ascetic. The Self is beyond good and evil, beyond all the suffering of the human heart.

Best Day Ever

I came in to work to find this on my chair!!! The blessings of each and every day multiply, and life wow's me with the amazing beings and moments in my life. Dear Magic Bullet, I am so freakin' excited to play with you. We'll make smoothies together, and guacamole, and salsa, and pesto, and gazpacho, and soup, and herbal facial treatments,  and yummy desserts, and so much more! Thanks for coming to play with me in my world!!! I love you!

Morning Bliss

I love this feeling - this deep recognition, knowing, of the amazing-ness of life that manifests itself into a full out bliss fest. YIPPEE! YAY! YES PLEASE I exclaim when the energy swirls around in my heart. AH! There's magick in choosing to dwell on the gifts of this moment. There's an ease to choosing to love and appreciate what appears. There's this comfort in trusting that Life, this magnificent intelligent Universe, is tending to the details of everything like it has been doing for eons and eons. And there is so much power in knowing and owning what and who I am, and what this entire world is.

Dear Ocean View

I am so grateful I have been basking in your beauty for the past week! I love coming home to you. I love strolling out onto the bedroom terrace to take you in. I love sitting out in the yard with the planted tomatoes and lavender and the dogs, feeling your breeze swirl all around me. I love looking out and seeing sail boats and sun light dance upon your open body. Thank you for the feelings you gift me. Thank you for having made yourSelf a part of my life. Thank you for everything that you are! I love you!

Birthing My Magick

Do you ever wonder what our moments would be like if all we ever did was talk about all the amazing possibilities before us and everything we aspire to be, do, have in the world? Can you imagine what energy we would create around us and within us moment after moment if our focus was locked in the direction of our desired realities? When I look ahead, I see myself continuing to be involved in work that continues to promote sustainable practices in the home, in the workplace, in the restaurants and institutions like hospitals and universities. I see myself continuing to co-create a magnificent world of conscious informed choosing. I see myself continuing to evolve and grow my commitment to serve, to continue to assist and inspire the ready mind into opening to the clarity and immense power within. I see myself continuing to do one on one work. I see myself doing tele-seminars and play-shops and creating a Heart-Awareness based community of beings who choose to experience and show up in

Abundant Blessings

Start the day with a little.... Then mix a little bit of this for the gorgeous ocean-view ride to work.... Climb into this at the end of the day... And then snuggle up with these gorgeous play beings... Life right now is abundantly beautiful, easy, and glorious!

worlds within worlds

thought of the moment : worlds within worlds embedded within one another - all here now. what you access, which world you show up in and which world shows up for you, is entirely dependent upon the bend of your consciousness - how the angle of Light that you are, lands upon the field of infinite patterns, the field of infinite worlds. it's an interesting picture in my mind...

Garden Fresh

The other night we settled down with some soul friends for some grown-in-the-garden home cooked goodness. It was amazing, to be able to just stroll into the garden, pick out the desired goodies, and then put them together into the most amazing veggie curry I've ever had. I love earth. I love what she gives to us and how good she is to us. I love that we can grow our own food like that. I love that just in this year alone I've learned SO MUCH about farming, and organic practices, and seeds, and compost, and the environment, and US. Can we just altogether say...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? I love this life!

It Was All A Dream!

"When you realize it's a dream you can afford to play. The same thing happens when you realize that ordinary life is a dream, just a movie, just a play. You don't become more cautious, more timid, more reserved. You start jumping up and down and doing flips, precisely because it's all a dream, it's all pure Emptiness...You don't feel less, you feel more -because you can afford to. You are no longer afraid of dying, and therefore you are not afraid of living. You become radical and wild, intense and vivid, shocking and silly. You let it all come pouring through, because it's all your dream . Life then assumes its true intensity, its vivid luminosity, its radical effervescence." -Ken Wilber


Things I want to do with my friends around the world...

I'm so in love with humanity.