Monday, July 19

Why "OM" ॐ?

Most of my online profiles say "Kidest OM ॐ" and in the past week I've been asked what that's about several times. So my mind exclaimed - to the blog mobile!

The short version is this - when I began studying about this world and the nature of reality, I came across traditions that identified A U M as the ultimate sound, the original sound of all existence. In essence, the sound that I am, the unique tone or frequency that makes up this me that shows up in your world is birthed by the ultimate sound - I am a song that Creation sings, daughter of OM in a sense. So I began signing my name in that way - Kidest OM, for that is my true last name if I were to have and give a name for who/what I am.

The end!

(And we all lived happily ever after!)

Actually that's not all - the translation of my earth-given last name means something like "his kingdom" or  "his empire" and my first name means "blessed" or "saint" so really we're not branching too far away with AUM.

Okay now The End. Really!

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