Friday, July 23


At least 90% of the people I meet tell me I have a calming presence or that in talking to me they feel more grounded.

Here's the thing.

Beyond the realm of mind, there is no movement. No world. No story. No adventure. No-thing. Empty and void of the charades of waking consciousness, a deep abiding stillness lives inside of you. Go there. Visit often.

The mind offers you numberless mansions to play in, to explore. But to walk out carrying the weight of every experience and to never rest, is to walk amongst your waking world without ever setting down to sleep.

Stop more. Breathe more. Step out of the mind realm more. Breathe. Be. Still. Rest. Let go more.

Then if you must pick up your stories and go into your adventures, do so knowing you can always stop, drop everything and come back to your Still Center.

Be Easy

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