Saturday, July 3

Kisses of Love

 “Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one's breath.” - Eve Glicksman

Do you ever wonder what it is that draws lips together into a kiss? Why the lips? Why is the magnetic pull of two beings centered around the mouth?

Everything about this human thing fascinates me. Everything.

And when this is how it feels to be kissed, you know this feeling that raises every cell up into excitement, that makes your vision fuzzy and heats you up from the inside, then why aren't we going around kissing everything in sight? The air, the water, all things in nature, do they stir as we do when we kiss them passionately - breathing in, curving our lips, as we let our love be carried to them in our breaths?

And if we were to look up to the night sky, the moon, and the stars above and demand "kiss me!" what would they send our way?

And if you were to wake up every morning exclaiming: Kiss ME Universe!!! What would your days become?

I am so curious about this curious world.


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Jess said...

love this blog! i'll be passing on the passion by re-posting the quote to my tumblr :) <3

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