Saturday, July 17

I'm Out There!

Consciousness is the most amazing thing non-thing in this Universe. I had this thought yesterday that I blasted on my facebook pages...

the neuronal pathways you form in the brain as you re-wire yourself into alignment with your desired or preferred reality is what's showing up in the "outer world" as new opportunities, circumstances, people, and conditions. The inner pathways you form and the outer pathways you experience "out there" are one and the "in here" so "out there"!

I feel everything I have experienced and lived, studied and devoured hungry for the understanding of what this world is, is converging into the realization that is occupying my mind right now and further deepening and transforming everything that I've ever known myself to be. It is not the manifested world that carries the answers we seek. It is the states of being we forever generate inside ourselves that out-pictures onto the screen that is the waking world.

As within, so without - not philosophically, not metaphorically, but literally. As you re-wire your circuitry, as you re-arrange your inner home - the order of your own thoughts, expectations, beliefs, dreams - as you form  new synapses and new neural pathways based on the reality of what you want to see, the picture in front of you that is your life in the waking world CHANGES.

My spaceship, she transforms!!!

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