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Everything about this amazing electric life is meant to be made love to. Everything.

Super Wow Video: The Miracle Is You by Kute Blackson

The miracle is you!

When you were first conceived you were a double strand of DNA in a fertilized ovum. Dividing 50 times, and you had over 100 trillion cells. More than all the stars in the milky way. Then you were born into existence.

Each of your cells do over 6 trillion things per second. Just think how a human body knows how to kill germs, digest, make babies, and talk, all at the same time.

Wiped Clean

More and more I wake up oblivious to where I am and who's around waiting to play in my days. It takes a little longer for the story of me to reload into my consciousness upon waking, that there's this period of blankness. Who am I? Where am I? What am I? No-thing. Blank. Complete absence of story-awareness.

OH YEA! Now I remember, I'm so and so living at such and such playing with so and so, and so on.


At least 90% of the people I meet tell me I have a calming presence or that in talking to me they feel more grounded.

Here's the thing.

Beyond the realm of mind, there is no movement. No world. No story. No adventure. No-thing. Empty and void of the charades of waking consciousness, a deep abiding stillness lives inside of you. Go there. Visit often.

The mind offers you numberless mansions to play in, to explore. But to walk out carrying the weight of every experience and to never rest, is to walk amongst your waking world without ever setting down to sleep.

Stop more. Breathe more. Step out of the mind realm more. Breathe. Be. Still. Rest. Let go more.

Then if you must pick up your stories and go into your adventures, do so knowing you can always stop, drop everything and come back to your Still Center.

Be Easy

Enlightened Dog Drama

Friends always ask me if I ever have "bad" days since I'm 99% of the time at the center of my peace. Until recently I would have said I rarely, if ever, feel powerless or overwhelmed about anything. I know how to focus myself and manage my mind, on most any topic to the point that I get the results I want quickly, if not immediately.

Enter my new life in an apartment with my almost 3 year old dog. For the first time in HER life, I started learning just how barky she was, and she was having to learn to modify her behavior to suit our new diggs. Before, in a house with a basement, an upstairs, and a backyard, no one really  noticed the barking. We all had ample space for ourselves. Even if it was annoying or at times irritating, it'd all be forgotten in seconds because she'd go outside to play in the yard, or upstairs to nestle against some wall or something else. Out of sight. Out of hearing distance.

It wasn't until I moved into a one bedroom apartment that I …

Why "OM" ॐ?

Most of my online profiles say "Kidest OM ॐ" and in the past week I've been asked what that's about several times. So my mind exclaimed - to the blog mobile!

The short version is this - when I began studying about this world and the nature of reality, I came across traditions that identified A U M as the ultimate sound, the original sound of all existence. In essence, the sound that I am, the unique tone or frequency that makes up this me that shows up in your world is birthed by the ultimate sound - I am a song that Creation sings, daughter of OM in a sense. So I began signing my name in that way - Kidest OM, for that is my true last name if I were to have and give a name for who/what I am.

The end!

(And we all lived happily ever after!)

Actually that's not all - the translation of my earth-given last name means something like "his kingdom" or  "his empire" and my first name means "blessed" or "saint" so really we're n…

I'm Out There!

Consciousness is the most amazing thing non-thing in this Universe. I had this thought yesterday that I blasted on my facebook pages...
the neuronal pathways you form in the brain as you re-wire yourself into alignment with your desired or preferred reality is what's showing up in the "outer world" as new opportunities, circumstances, people, and conditions. The inner pathways you form and the outer pathways you experience "out there" are one and the "in here" so "out there"!
I feel everything I have experienced and lived, studied and devoured hungry for the understanding of what this world is, is converging into the realization that is occupying my mind right now and further deepening and transforming everything that I've ever known myself to be. It is not the manifested world that carries the answers we seek. It is the states of being we forever generate inside ourselves that out-pictures onto the screen that is the wakin…

I Love this World!

I'm head over heels in love with this life. It never ends - the sense of awe for the way my moments arrange themselves. Each moment bringing something profound, each action unveiling a miracle, each breath bringing with it a feeling of love out of this world. Aren't we lucky to be alive to this? Aren't we fortunate to get to live and breathe the magic of this inexplicable world?

Miracles and magick abound - in fact, that's all this entire world is made of - all the particles of light have a miraculous magick about them - all that appears as the manifested world has this wondrous quality about it, and if you quiet yourself just for a moment, you will hear all the secrets of this wilderness being whispered to you. It all just takes me higher and higher!

Let's keep flying higher and higher!  Oh yes, LET'S!

Dear Sony Vaio

You are the bestest laptop EVER! Thank you for coming into my little happy bubble. Thank you for being so pretty and fast and loaded with amazing goodness and just wonderful and amazing. I love you! And I know we'll have many amazing moments and years together.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Dear Numi Tea

Thank you for not just the ONE but TWO free boxes of amazing delicious tea goodness that you left for me while I was off kissing and loving the gorgeousness in my life.

Manifesting goodness never ends, and OH all the ways love dresses itself to just keep on bathing me with the deliciousness in this world.

I live a life of perpetual gratitude.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Dear Google

Thank you forthe wonderful gift you left in my inbox today. The Universe has chosen to WOW me looking like you, and for that I am grateful!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Manifesting Coolness

This is by far one of the funniest manifestations to date:

Behold, Korean Maxi-Pads! It's on my list of things I never thought I'd get to hold in my hands :)

I love my YOU-niverse!!!

What A Wonderful World

Wild bunnies lining my path, a deer cleaning herself in a field of daisies, owl's flying about trees and staring with their magick eyes, crisp sunshine and sparkly ocean - it is such a beautiful world!


Kisses of Love

“Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one's breath.” - Eve Glicksman

Do you ever wonder what it is that draws lips together into a kiss? Why the lips? Why is the magnetic pull of two beings centered around the mouth?

Everything about this human thing fascinates me. Everything.

And when this is how it feels to be kissed, you know this feeling that raises every cell up into excitement, that makes your vision fuzzy and heats you up from the inside, then why aren't we going around kissing everything in sight? The air, the water, all things in nature, do they stir as we do when we kiss them passionately - breathing in, curving our lips, as we let our love be carried to them in our breaths?

And if we were to look up to the night sky, the moon, and the stars above and demand "kiss me!" what would they send our way?

And if you were to wake up every morning exclaiming: Kiss ME Universe!!! What would y…

Here Now Gone Now

What need have you to cling to temporary things when you are an eternal center so far beyond this world? To make the temporary things of this waking world eternal and lasting forever is where human suffering arises out of. Breathe. Trust. Exhale. Let Go.

Whatever appears right now can just as easily dissolve right now.