Saturday, June 19

the Science and Life of Play

More and more I’m living the power of showing up in wholeness to engage with everything and everyone around me. And as that happens I’m seeing examples of what it means to be the integral human specimen. Not just of body. Not just of mind. Not just energy or spirit. Not just heart. But all of them. Mind-body-heart-consciousness all moving in the same direction within the being. You know the part in Transformers where all the parts click into place automatically – where everything shifts into gear and into its place to create this powerful machine…something like that but more organic and beautiful.

Beings have lived and demonstrated the power of being integrated within oneself – the power of being unified and whole within oneself. It’s one thing to read and hear the stories, and a whole other thing to see it show up in your experience. For the past few weeks I’ve been playing with it, leading anyone that wants to play in the quest and adventure of asking the right questions, aligning every level of your being toward one intention, letting that go and seeing how the echo of your choice of focus ripples back to you as an experience. I love drawing people into this place of total alignment – even a second of experiencing this, changes everything. The outcome is always the same – not only a change or shift in the circumstances that seem to be happening in their lives, but a recognition that dawns in the eyes of my playmates of how easy and how fun all of this is designed to be.

When action is aligned with thought-emotion-consciousness all flowing in the same direction…a Super Wow kind of reality emerges. And you just fall in love with the whole “anything is possible” thing of it all.

So now with anyone that shows up in my world, whether friend, seeming stranger, client, or other – all I feel inside of me is this eagerness to go there, into this place of totally integrated alignment and to draw who ever into this center of magick within them.

For every pair of eyes that meets my own, I’m dancing around in myself squealing – LET’S PLAY!  LET’S GO! LET’S DO THIS!


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