Wednesday, June 9

New Home, New Work, New Adventure

Yesterday I had one of those moments that called me toward clarity. It came disguised in a letter and directed me to what appears to be ahead for me this year.

The contract on the program I'm working on ends this October and the lease on my apartment ends two months after that. I have no desire to stay in my current apartment. While the view is nice, the neighbors and the neighborhood call me to ask for something better. I'd love to find a community somewhere on this planet of conscious earth-loving beings. No litters or garbage scattered about the parking lot, no shouting matches of victim-hood being blasted at odd hours, nothing of the sort. More openness, more accountability, more responsibility of what one is choosing to observe and make up in their own minds - more than ever I want to be surrounded by beings who remind and reflect to me the power of self-awareness, self-responsibility and accountability (which includes picking up after yourself) and self-empowerment.

So I ask myself "if there were to be a community of this kind, with like-minded Lights, where would I look?"

On the job front, I've been sending out my application and resume everywhere I see fit. And when I think about what kind of work I want to do, all I can say is "something that means something, that's about something." I love the intention of the job I have right now - which is finding to create ways for sustainable practices to take root here on the island (supporting local farms, encouraging and mediating a relationship between social institutions/local businesses and farmers so that more and more food grown right here on the island is being used ). I've learned more about the environment and what we can do to be responsible about our own consumption in this job than I have anywhere else. It's been eye-opening. So I'd love to participate in more of that. Something that's about something! Oh and it pays well too!

On the other hand is my inspiration-coaching-let-me-help-you-see-your-brilliant-Light adventure. I LOVE talking about, sharing, teaching, expressing, learning all things to do with self-transformation. I've even been practicing facilitating instant shifts and changes in the experiences of people in my life and around me. I play with reiki, matrix energetics, and other hip quantum tools to open and hold space for the energy to do what it knows to do. And I'll be giving a workshop next week on the power of focusing on the outcomes you want to experience. And I love it - all of it. It's fun. It stretches my own understanding of what can happen in the next moment, what can show up in the next moment. So there's that.

I'm an awesome events coordinator and researcher, a great communicator and mediator. A database master and organized goddess of all things color coded spreadsheets and such. And I also know how to nip the self-sabotaging mind play before it starts. I can direct someone's awareness to their faulty story in a blink of an eye. And I can fill a room with nothing but love and light. And I know that there is nothing on this earth that cannot be transformed, shifted, released. I'm a definite energy alchemist - I know that when I walk into a room, that room has already changed because of where I choose to hold myself moment after moment!

So again I ask myself "if I were to have the most amazing job where I am of service to something I can contribute to, what would it be? What would it look like?" 

And then there is the whole - I would LOVE love LOVE to travel the world, see things, experience more, take in everything I can take in about this beautiful planet before I settle down and make a family and be responsible for anyone other than myself. Even better would be to have an awesome travel partner or awesome travel partners period!

So I ask myself "if I were to have the most amazing opportunity to travel the world right now, what would it look like?"

And then the icing becomes - "if I were to have experiences that combined all of this, a job about something, working in self-transformation, and travel, what would it be like???"

I don't know, but I'm asking the questions, looking for clues, and ready to leap toward whatever appears!

I want this adventure! Whatever IT is!


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SomaNstory said...

I love this posting, the setting forth of questions and opening the possibility. It's wonderful to have that absolute freedom and intention. I wish you success in the ongoing unfolding of the fit/match answer to that which is your essence and what you are naturally and inherently moving towards.

Best N Beyond,


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