Tuesday, June 22

"Moist, Raw, Love"

It's the little things that mean the most, the little gestures that say "I thought of you today" - like finding out how to say "happy birthday" in my native tongue and putting that on display. And then there's the poetry, the expressiveness, the here-is-my-naked-soul-ness. Everything about everything is just so Divine - every moment, every sigh, every breath shared, every "I love you" declared, and everything left unsaid.

Quite possibily, the coolest experience I've ever had is looking into his blue-green eyes watching his pupil expand and contract as we rest on our pillows, present in and to the light of each other, being, just taking each other in. I giggle squealing "that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!"

I have a soul brother that says, the pupil is like the black hole...once you go in, there's no returning.

His eyes are my entry way into an infinite unknown.

All the ways we make Light
All the ways we make Love

Huzzah! for it all ~


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