Tuesday, June 1

Jon Marro on the RAD-io

One of the things I LOVE about having this radio program is that I get to experience my own version of transformation with every guest that comes on to chat with me. Every being that shows up in my world, in whatever form, changes me. Coming into contact with all the thoughts they have thought, all the conclusions they have made, all the insights they have had, everything they have ever let go of and are right now letting go of, leaves me altered and open to experience myself as the culmination of them. I find often when I'm in any kind of conversation with anyone, boundaries dissolve, that sense of "me" and "him" or "her" dissolves, and there is just this one life growing itself, expressing itself, opening and showing itself. It's indescribable.

So today I am transformed. I can already feel the ripples of this conversation we seemingly have yet to have reaching back into this moment.

Tune in. Today at 3PM PST/6PM EST connect and experience what happens to your own being, to the whole field of existence, when you come into contact with the space that is you, Jon, and myself together.

Link to the show: Jon Marro on Joy Vibe Radio


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