Sunday, June 13

The Illusion of Private Pains

There is no part of myself worth hiding or concealing. My Heart-Storming sisters and I have been talking about just being present to every part of ourselves and bringing that into the light - nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to conceal or hold back. Just being completely open, ungaurded, and transparent about everything we are experiencing - the seeming "good" and "bad". If we can let go of the illusion that "good" is divine and "bad" is evil, that it is all divine in every way, we will have given ourselves permission to just be whatever we are in the moment, without resisting it or wanting to stuff it back down to some hidden corner of ourselves.

Thinking that there is anything you're experiencing that needs to be kept private or hidden is one of the greatest delusions of separation. Whatever parts of me seem "dark" or "insecure" or anything else, is a part in every other being on this planet. We are all so intimately connected that there really is no "my" stuff and "your" stuff. All of it is our collective "stuff". There is no hurt, or pain, or shame, or guilt, or sense of unworthiness, or un-capableness, or wrongness or anything else that isn't part of the collective consciousness. It is all OURS, not just yours, and not just mine, but OURS. If you can look at the most negative expression coming from "someone else" and know that it is not "theirs" but OURS, you'll bridge the gap and become an opening to more transformation and more light.

Human beings come
From the same source.
We are all one family.

If a part of the body hurts.
all parts contract with pain...
                               - Saadi

We're all connected, in the most intimate of weaving's across this great sea of Mystery. Compassion is the recognition "your" suffering is in truth "our" suffering. When one human being hurts, all human beings everywhere on some level contract with pain. And so when we bring the seeming private pains to light, into the presence and energy of our transformational awareness, it isn't just one of us that feels the relief - it is all of us that relax into the release of pure awareness.

This doesn't mean you go through your moments carrying extra "stuff" - but more that you let yourself be a point of transformation, a point of transmutation, a transparent vessel that allows for everything to return back into pure love and pure light.

Let's stop pretending that we are two.


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jouettelove said...

love my dark & my light, for then i am in love with my whole ♥

we are not seperate ... i can feel you by feeling me ~ i love this so much :)

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